Japan's search for strategic security partnerships


Japan's search for strategic security partnerships

edited by Gauri Khandekar and Bart Gaens

(Routledge security in Asia Pacific series, 32)

Routledge, 2018

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As tensions between China and Japan increase, including over the disputed islands in the East China Sea, Japan has adopted under Prime Minister Abe a new security posture. This involves, internally, adapting Japan's constitutional position on defence and, externally, building stronger international relationships in the Asia-Pacific region and more widely. This book presents a comprehensive analysis of these developments. It shows how trust and co-operation with the United States, the only partner with which Japan has a formal alliance, is being rebuilt, discusses how other relationships, both on security and on wider issues, are being formed, in the region and with European countries and the EU, with the relationships with India and Australia being of particular importance, and concludes by assessing the likely impact on the region of Japan's changing posture and new relationships.


1. Japan's Evolving Regional Security Policy: The Quest for Strategic Partnerships, Bart Gaens 2. Japan's Relations with China, Shogo Suzuki 3. The US Pivot to the Asia-Pacific Region and Japan's Responses, Yoneyuki Sugita 4. India and Japan: the New Strategic Dimension, Harinder Sekhon 5. Australia-Japan Security Relations: Bridging the China Gap or a Bridge too Far? Michael Heazle 6. Japan's New Activism in ASEAN: China's Challenge and the Search for a New Regional Order in East Asia, Takeshi Yuzawa 7. Parameters of the Strategic Alliance between South Korea and Japan, Seon-Hyon Lee 8. The Europe-Japan Strategic Partnership - Values, Promises and Defense, Gauri Khandekar

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