World film locations, Cleveland


    • Zambenedetti, Alberto


World film locations, Cleveland

edited by Alberto Zambenedetti

(World film locations series)

Intellect Books, 2016

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The prototypical rust belt city, Cleveland has long served as an emblem of late twentieth-century urban decay. But recent decades have brought a cultural and economic renaissance - a revival that has been reflected and aided by the growing number of films being shot on location there. This new entry in the World Film Locations series offers the first-ever extended look at Cleveland on screen. Richly illustrated with images from dozens of productions, it reveals Cleveland to be usefully chameleonic, appealing to some filmmakers for its modern downtown's ability to mimic more prominent (and more expensive) cities, to others for the way its shuttered factories and decaying docks signify contemporary urban distress. With entries on such classics as The Fortune Cookie , The Deer Hunter , A Christmas Story and Marvel's The Avengers , as well as lesser-known films, the volume reveals Cleveland to be a far more compelling, and far more varied, on-screen presence than even most film buffs would expect. Like all the books in this series, World Film Locations: Cleveland is designed to appeal to cinephiles and scholars alike, while also serving as a silver screen souvenir for those who make the city their home as well as for those who visit it.


Foreword John Ewing Introduction Alberto Zambenedetti Maps/Scenes Scenes 1-6 1949-1970 Scenes 7-13 1977-1987 Scenes 14-19 1989-1997 Scenes 20-25 1998-2006 Scenes 26-31 2007-2011 Scenes 32-37 2012-2013 Scenes 38-44 2013-2015 Essays Cleveland: City of Imagination Alberto Zambenedetti & William Patrick Day Views from the Rustbelt: Cleveland's Industrial History Burke Hilsabeck Cleveland Sports, Hollywood Movies William Patrick Day Art Cinema or Porn? Grace An The Rock and Roll Capital of the World James V. Banta Secret Identities: Cleveland and the Comic Book Film Brian Doan The Conceptual Image: The Cinema of Richard Myers Burke Hilsabeck On Race and Infrastructure: The Films of Kevin Jerome Everson Alberto Zambenedetti

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