Application of recirculating aquaculture systems in Japan



Application of recirculating aquaculture systems in Japan

Toshio Takeuchi, editor

(Fisheries science series / editor-in-chief, Katsumi Aida ; series editors, Toyoji Kaneko, Hisashi Kurokura, Tadashi Tokai)

Springer Japan, c2017

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Includes bibliographical references and index (p. 329-333)


  • Overview of land-based recirculating aquaculture / Toshio Takeuchi
  • Characteristics of closed recirculating systems / Yoshihisa Yamamoto
  • Eel Anguilla japonica : toward zero emission / Yoshihiro Suzuki and Toshiro Maruyama
  • Pejerrey Odontesthes bonariensis / Hiroyuki Yoshino
  • Japanese flounder Paralichthys olivaceus / Kotaro Kikuchi
  • Kuruma shrimp Marsupenaeus japonicus / Yoshihiro Suzuki
  • White shrimp Litopenaeus vannamei / Marcy N. Wilder and Setsuo Nohara
  • Abalone Haliotis spp. / Yoshikazu Koizumi and Youichi Tsuji
  • Seed production systems / Yoshihisa Yamamoto
  • Aquarium recirculation system / Naoyuki Kato and Mutsumi Kawamata
  • Aquaponics / Toshio Takeuchi and Masato Endo
  • Advantages of environmentally sound poly-eco-aquaculture in fish farms / Shusaku Kadowaki and Yuuki Kitadai
  • Closed ecological recirculating aquaculture systems / Toshio Takeuchi
  • Local survey and consideration of land-based factory for closed recirculating aquaculture using waste heat discharged from biomass power plants / Masato Endo, Kunihiko Mouri, and Toshio Takeuchi



This is the first English book to address the current development of closed recirculating aquaculture systems (cRASs) in Japan, and its implications for industry in the near future. It offers an introduction to the topic and discusses the industrial application of cRASs. Around Europe, cRASs using freshwater have been developed, but to date there is little information about cRASs using the saltwater. As such, the book introduces the technical development of cRASs using the saltwater in Japan and describes measures necessary for their industrialization. It also discusses in detail various species, e.g., flounder, pejerrey, kuruma shrimp, white shrimp and abalone, which have been raised in cRASs. Furthermore, it presents wide topics concerning the technological development of aquariums, an area in which progressive Japanese techniques dominate. Lastly, the book also examines CERAS and poly-culture in Japan. The book is a valuable resource for a wide readership, such as local government officers, energy-industry staff, maintenance and system engineers, as well as those from the construction, agriculture and fishery industries.


Contributors.- Preface.- Part I. What is Recirculating Aquaculture Systems?.- Chapter 1 Overview of Land-based Recirculating Aquaculture.- Part II. Basic Information of Closed Recirculating Systems from the View point of Bioscience.- Chapter 2 Characteristics of Closed Recirculating Systems.- Part III. Tackle of Recirculating Aquaculture in Fishes.- Chapter 3 Eel Anguilla japonica-towards zero emission.- Chapter 4 Pejerrey Odonthestes bonariensis.- Chapter 5 Japanese Flounder Paralichthys olivaceus.- Chapter 6 Kuruma Shrimp Marsupenaeus japonicas.- Chapter 7 White Shrimp Litopenaeus vannamei.- Chapter 8Abalone Haliotis spp..- PartIV. Applications and Other Consideration for Recirculating Aquaculture Systems.- Chapter 9 Seed Production Systems.- Chapter 10 Aquarium Recirculating System.- Chapter 11 Aquaponics.- Chapter 12 Advantages of Environmentally Sound Poly-Eco-Aquaculture in Fish Farms.- Chapter 13 Closed Ecological Recirculating Aquaculture System.- Chapter 14 Consideration of Land-based Facility for Closed Recirculating Aquaculture Using.- Index.

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  • Fisheries science series

    editor-in-chief, Katsumi Aida ; series editors, Toyoji Kaneko, Hisashi Kurokura, Tadashi Tokai



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