Multidisciplinary studies of the environment and civilization : Japanese perspectives


Multidisciplinary studies of the environment and civilization : Japanese perspectives

edited by Yoshinori Yasuda and Mark J. Hudson

(Earthscan from Routledge)(Routledge studies on asia and the anthropocene)

Routledge, 2018

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Includes bibliographical references and index



Multidisciplinary Studies on the Environment and Civilization draws on research from a diverse range of fields across the humanities, social and natural sciences to discover what is needed to develop an affluent, sustainable and resilient world for the twenty-first century and beyond. The contributions throughout this volume build and promote frameworks for an interdisciplinary approach to sustainability both in and beyond Japan. Utilizing research efforts from a broad range of fields such as zoology, biological anthropology and archaeology, these multidisciplinary studies are brought together to assess the impacts humans have had on the environment as well as the role of civilization, culture and heritage in environmental history. This book provides a truly multidisciplinary approach to environmental issues and will be of great interest to graduate students and researchers in fields such as climate, geology, plant taxonomy and marine science as well as those with an interest in Japanese history, archaeology, art and literature.


Preface- Yoshinori Yasuda Chapter 1. Introduction: The Great Wave of the Anthropocene Mark J. Hudson Part I: Natural History and Environmental History: Building Interdisciplinary Frameworks Chapter 2. The Fishes of Shizuoka: A History of Fish- Fauna Research and Some Future Perspectives Koichi Shibukawa Chapter 3. Lake Varves and Environmental History Kazuyoshi Yamada Chapter 4. The Geological Record of Tsunamis in the Anthropocene Daisuke Sugawara Chapter 5. Stable and Radiocarbon Isotope Measurements to Reconstruct the Diet and Age of Human Skeletal Remains during the Jomon Period Soichiro Kusaka Chapter 6. Mount Fuji and Waka Poetry Kazuha Tashiro Chapter 7. Mt. Fuji and the Tokugawa Shogunate Jin Matsushima Part II: Culture, Civilization and the Environment Chapter 8. Biogeography of Pantropical Plants with Sea-Drifted Seeds Koji Takayama Chapter 9. Fuji Mine Shugyo: An Introduction to Mountain Ascetic Practices on Mount Fuji Yasumasa Otaka Part III: Environment and cultures: East/West Chapter 10. Neolithisation: A Perspective from the East Asian Inland Seas Junzo Uchiyama Chapter 11. Global Environmental Justice and the Natural Environment in Japanese Archaeology Mark J. Hudson

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