How colours matter to philosophy


    • Silva, Marcos


How colours matter to philosophy

Marcos Silva, editor

(Synthese library, v. 388)

Springer, c2017

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This edited volume explores the different and seminal ways colours matter to philosophy. Each chapter provides an insightful analysis of one or more cases in which colours raise philosophical problems in different areas and periods of philosophy. This historically informed discussion examines both logical and linguistic aspects, covering such areas as the mind, aesthetics and the foundations of mathematics. The international contributors look at traditional epistemological and metaphysical issues on the subjectivity and objectivity of colours. In addition, they also assess phenomenological problems typical of the continental tradition and contemporary problems in the philosophy of mind. The chapters include coverage of such topics as Newton's and Goethe's theory of light and colours, how primary qualities are qualitative and colours are primary, explaining colour phenomenology, and colour in cognition, language and philosophy. "This book beautifully prepares the ground for the next steps in our research on and philosophising about colour" Daniel D. Hutto (University of Wollongong) "It is not an overstatement to say that How Colours to Philosophy is a ground breaking publication" Mazviita Chirimuuta (University of Pittsburgh) "Anyone interested in philosophical issues about color will find it highly stimulating." Martine Nida-Rumelin (Universite de Fribourg) "The high quality papers included in this anthology succeed admirably in enriching current philosophical thinking about colour" Erik Myin (University of Antwerp) "This is certainly the most complete collection of philosophical essays on colours ever published" Andre Leclerc (University of Brasilia) "All in all this collections represents a new milestone in the ongoing philosophical debate on colours and colour expressions" Ingolf Max (University of Leipzig)


Part I. History of Philosophy and Aesthetics.- 1. Plato's Distinction Between Hue, Saturation and Brightness (Txapartegi).- 2. Dispositionalism and Fictionalism in Ancient Greek (Maund).- 3. Newton's Theory of Light and Colours (Wash).- 4. Goethe Contra Newton on Colours, Light, and the Philosophy of Science (Mueller).- 5. Impossible Colours: Wittgenstein and the Naturalist's Challenge (Lugg).- 6. Husserl on the Material a Priori - The Question of Colours (Da Silva).- 7. Colors: Presentation and Representation in the Fine Arts (Bueno).- 8. The Sound that Shines: Toward a Phenomenology of "Sound Colors" (Barros).- Part II. Phenomenology and Philosophy of Mind.- 9. How Primary Qualities are Qualitative and Colors are Primary (Ross).- 10. Colours in Radical Embodied-Enactive Cognition (Hutto).- 11. Light dawns over the colour solid: Katz and Buhler (Mulligan).- 12. Colors in Hermeneutic's Phenomenology (Ainbinder).- 13. Subjectivity and Normativity in Colour Distinction (Stekeler-Weithofer).- 14. Black and Gold: Trading in Veridicality for Non-Arbitrariness (Myin).- 15. Explaining Colour Phenomenology (Unwin).- Part III. Philosophy of Language and Philosophy of Logic.- 16. Things are not what they seem (Priest).- 17. Colors as Referents of Vague Predicates (Raffman).- 18. Colour, Vagueness, and Cognitive Neuropsychology (Davies).- 19. Proofs Versus Experiments: Wittgensteinian Themes Surrounding the Four-Color Theorem (Pereira).- 20. Colour in Cognition, Language and Philosophy (Jaspers).- 21. On the role of Colours in Ramsey's Theorem of Finite Combinatorics (Carnielli).- 22. Logic and Metalogic of Colors (Beziau).

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