Learning English in Japan : myths and realities


Learning English in Japan : myths and realities

by Takunori Terasawa ; translated by Jennifer Commons

(Japanese society series)

Trans Pacific Press, 2018

  • : hardcover


'Nihonjin to Eigo' no shakaigaku : naze Eigo kyōikuron wa gokai darake nanoka

「日本人と英語」の社会学 : なぜ英語教育論は誤解だらけなのか

日本人と英語の社会学 : なぜ英語教育論は誤解だらけなのか

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First published in Japanese: Kenkyūsha, 2015

Includes bibliographical references (p. 318-338) and index



Multiple discourses circulate Japanese society surrounding the relationship between Japanese people and the English language. For example, 'Japanese people are the worst English speakers in Asia', 'Japanese women love the English language' and 'learning English leads to increased income and career opportunities.' From a sociological perspective, this book tests the veracity of these discourses, using social statistical data. The aim here is to paint an accurate picture of society to assist the argument for evidence-based policy in English language education, and to challenge the myths about Japanese people and the English language propagated by various interest groups, including the government and the business community. This important book reveals that the English language discourses that exist in Japan today are largely based on misconceptions, pointing to the urgent need to challenge the education policies based on such falsehoods.


Figures Tables Preface Introduction Part I: English Proficiency and English Usage 1 English Proficiency: The Characteristics of ‘Japanese English speakers’ 2 Education Opportunities: Who Can Become an English Speaker? 3 International Comparisons of English Proficiency: Do the Japanese Have the Worst English Proficiency in the World? 4 English Usage: Who Uses English? Part II: Language Studies 5 English Learning Fever: What is the Real Extent of the ‘Language Boom’? 6 Trends in English Learner Numbers: How Many People Have Learned English? 7 Attitudes Towards Learning Languages Other Than English Part III: Work 8 Necessity (1): Is English Essential for Future Members of Society? 9 Necessity (2): Is the Need for English Really Increasing? 10 Wages: Does Income Increase with English Proficiency? 11 Job Opportunities: How Much of a ‘Career Weapon’ is English? Part IV: Early English Education 12 Early English Education Fever: Who Advocates for the Primary School English Curriculum? 13 The Effects of Early English Learning: What Are the Outcomes of Experiencing Early English? Conclusion: Critique of English Discourse Based on Data Analysis Notes Bibliography Index

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