How far to nudge? : assessing behavioural public policy


How far to nudge? : assessing behavioural public policy

Peter John

(New horizons in public policy)

Edward Elgar, c2018

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Includes bibliographical references (p. 147-165) and index



Behavioural public policies, or nudges, have become increasingly popular in recent years, with governments keen to use light-touch interventions to improve the success of their public policies. In this unique book, Peter John explores nudges, their successes and limitations, and sets out a bold manifesto for the future of behavioural public policy. This book traces the beginnings of nudge in behavioural economics and tracks the adoption of its core ideas by policy-makers, providing examples of successful applications. By considering the question ?how far to nudge??, John reviews why it is crucial for governments to address citizen behaviours, and reviews the criticisms of nudge and its ethical limitations. Looking to its future, this book proposes the adoption of a radical version of nudge, nudge plus, involving increased feedback and more engagement with citizens. How Far to Nudge? will be a vital text for students of behavioural public policy and policy analysis, as well as for anyone looking for an introduction to nudge policy and an explanation for its growth in popularity.


Contents 1. Introduction 2. Behavioural Public Problems 3. The Behavioural Revolution in the Social Sciences 4. Nudge: All Tools are Informational Now 5. Translating Nudge into Practice: Routes to Innovation 6. Is Nudge All It's Cracked Up to Be? Limitations and Criticisms 7. The Ethics of Nudge 8. Nudge Plus and How To Get There 9. Assessing Behavioural Public Policy References Index

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