Liquid crystals : experimental study of physical properties and phase transitions


    • Kumar, Satyendra
    • Brock, J.


Liquid crystals : experimental study of physical properties and phase transitions

Satyendra Kumar, author and editor ; with additional contributions by J. Brock...[et al.]

Cambridge University Press, 2011

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Includes bibliographical references and index

First published 2001, first paperback edition 2011. -- t.p. verso

Paperback re-issue -- back cover



Originally published in 2001, this book describes in detail various experimental techniques used in the study of liquid crystals. It will be indispensable for established workers in the field as well as students embarking on liquid crystal research. Each chapter in the book is dedicated to an important experimental technique used in the study and characterisation of liquid crystalline systems. Use of these techniques on liquid crystals requires modifications of traditional experiments, special sample handling and a fresh a approach to data analysis. In addition, general routes used to synthesise liquid crystals and tools to characterise liquid crystal phases are described. Attempts are also made to show structure property relationships for well known systems. This book will be of particular interest to graduate students in physics and chemistry as well as established researchers in the fields of liquid crystals and soft condensed matter.


  • 1. Introduction S. Kumar and M. Fisch
  • 2. Characterisation of mesophase types and transitions M. Neubert
  • 3. Structure: X-ray diffraction studies of liquid crystals S. Kumar
  • 4. Physical properties P. Photinos
  • 5. Orientational order - NMR studies P. Ukleja and D. Finotello
  • 6. Light scattering and quasi-elastic spectroscopy J. T. Ho
  • 7. Calorimetric studies C. W. Garland
  • 8. Freely suspended films experiments J. D. Brock
  • 9. X-ray surface scattering studies of liquid crystals S. K. Sinha
  • 10. Chemical structure-property relationships M. E. Neubert.

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