The case for a maximum wage


The case for a maximum wage

Sam Pizzigati

(The case for series)

Polity Press, 2018

  • : hardback

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Modern societies set limits, on everything from how fast motorists can drive to how much waste factory owners can dump in our rivers. But incomes in our deeply unequal world have no limits. Could capping top incomes tackle rising inequality more effectively than conventional approaches? In this engaging book, leading analyst Sam Pizzigati details how egalitarians worldwide are demonstrating that a "maximum wage" could be both economically viable and politically practical. He shows how, building on local initiatives, governments could use their tax systems to enforce fair income ratios across the board. The ultimate goal? That ought to be, Pizzigati argues, a world without a super rich. He explains why we need to create that world - and how we could speed its creation.


Contents Acknowledgments Introduction/ Moderation in All Things, Even Income 1/ Defining Excess 2/ The Magic of Maximum Multiples 3/ A Society without a Super Rich 4/ Pipe Dream or Politically Practical Project? 5/ Evolving toward Equity Notes

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