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Managerial leadership for librarians : thriving in the public and nonprofit world

G. Edward Evans and Holland Christie

Libraries Unlimited, an imprint of ABC-CLIO, c2017

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Putting library management into the unique context of the not-for-profit world, this work offers you invaluable guidance on how to manage your library effectively. Managing a library presents a significantly different challenge than managing a small business, a corporation, or even a school or charity organization. To be effective managers and excel in their careers, librarians must understand their unique position in the social landscape and leverage that role to become influential leaders. This guide shows librarians how to make the most of their inherent skills and develop new leadership strengths in order to become better library managers, advance their careers, and sustain their libraries-in spite of changing environments and shrinking budgets. The book examines many facets of managerial leadership, defines what managerial leadership is, and describes how to assess and increase leadership skills. The chapters also identify the constraints unique to libraries and explain how you can develop positive relationships with government boards, turn a vision into a practical strategic plan, and exercise fiscal control. You will gain invaluable knowledge about fund raising, developing political skills, advocacy and lobbying, and legal and ethical concerns, specifically in the library environment. The final section of the book is devoted to people skills-understanding yourself and others, developing staff, collaboration, negotiation, meetings and presentations, and creating future success.

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