Expanding human rights : 21st century norms and governance


Expanding human rights : 21st century norms and governance

edited by Alison Brysk, Michael Stohl

(Elgar studies in human rights)

Edward Elgar, 2018

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This multi-disciplinary book addresses the ever-expanding notion of human rights within the 21st century. By analyzing the global dynamics of the mobilization of new actors, claims, institutions and modes of accountability, Brysk and Stohl assess the potential and limitations of global reforms. Expanding Human Rights gives a comprehensive overview of current human rights issues and the outlook for the future. The contributors present evidence of new methods for enforcing existing rights and new strategies for further development through in-depth analysis of campaigns and reforms from Eastern Europe, Japan, India, Africa and the US. These include rights of indigenous peoples, food and water rights, violence against women, child mortality and international financial and corporate responsibility. This book will interest academics and advanced students in human rights, international affairs, political science and law. Policy makers and global human rights activists will find the analyses and insights concerning the expansion of rights and the often accompanying backlash to be of great use when approaching their next human rights campaign. Contributors include: J. Alley, C. Apodaca, P. Ayoub, M. Baer, A. Brysk, S. Hertel, R. Howard-Hassmann, V. Hudson, F.G. Isa, H. Jo, W. Sandholtz, C. Stohl, M. Stohl, K. Tsutsui


Contents: PART I Introduction 1. Expanding Human Rights Alison Brysk PART II Expanding Actors 2. A Struggle for Recognition and Rights: Expanding LGBT Activism Philip M. Ayoub 3. How Do Global Human Rights Expand? A Case of Japan's Burakumin Going Global Kiyoteru Tsutsui 4. Indigenous Peoples: From Objects Of Protection To Subjects Of Rights Felipe Gomez Isa PART III Expanding Claims 5. Expanding Rights: New Frames For Violence Against Women Alison Brysk 6. The Human Right to Water and Sanitation: Champions and Challengers in the Fight for New Rights Acceptance Madeline Baer 7. Human Rights and Corporate Social Responsibility Michael Stohl and Cynthia Stohl PART IV Expanding Mechanisms 8. Forging Alternative Routes to Norms Change: Economic Rights Protagonists Shareen Hertel 9. Expanding Rights: Norm Innovation in the European and Inter-American Courts Wayne Sandholtz 10. Feminist Foreign Policy as State-Led Expansion of Human Rights Valerie M. Hudson PART V Expanding Responsibilities 11. Janus-faced: Rebel Groups and Human Rights Responsibility Hyeran Jo and Joshua Alley 12. Expanding Responsibilities: The Consequences of World Bank and IMF Policies on Child Welfare Clair Apodaca 13. Human Rights Contraction: Sovereignty and Denial of the Right to Food Rhoda E. Howard-Hassmann PART VI Conclusion 14. Conclusions on Norms, Institutions and Processes Michael Stohl Index

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