The laboratory bird


    • Taylor, Douglas K.
    • Lee, Vanessa K.
    • Strait, Karen R.


The laboratory bird

Douglas K. Taylor, Vanessa K. Lee, Karen R. Strait

(The Laboratory animal pocket reference series)

CRC Press, [2016]

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Includes bibliographical references and index



Laboratory animals, including birds, play an important role in biomedical research. The humane care and management of these animals is an ongoing concern. A new addition to the acclaimed Laboratory Animal Pocket Reference series, The Laboratory Bird is the first publication dedicated to the care and use of avian species in the research setting. Covering avian species such as chickens, ducks, doves, parrots, and songbirds that are commonly used as research models, the book is divided into focused chapters that cover a broad range of topics, including: General avian biology and physiology Husbandry Regulations and regulatory compliance regarding the use of birds in research Experimental methods Veterinary care Along with discussing applicable regulations, the book also details issues of health management and quarantine approaches. The final chapter provides resources such as organizations, publications, vendors, and diagnostic laboratories. With its focus on the care of a diverse group of avian species in biomedical research settings, The Laboratory Bird is a valuable reference for animal care and veterinary technicians, laboratory animal veterinarians, trainees in laboratory animal medicine, and research staff members, as well as individuals involved in laboratory work who lack experience in working with birds.


Important Biological Features Orders Commonly Used in Research Anatomy and Function Respiratory System Gastrointestinal System Urogenital System Cutaneous/Integumentary System Musculoskeletal System Cardiovascular System Hematology and Immune System Endocrine System Nervous and Sensory Systems References Husbandry Introduction Housing Environmental Enrichment References Management Regulatory Agencies and Compliance Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee Sources of Birds and Procurement Quarantine and Conditioning Occupational Health and Safety Considerations References Veterinary Care General Physical Examination General Diagnostic Tests Common Clinical Problems and Their Management Anesthesia and Analgesia Agents Euthanasia References Experimental Methodology Capture and Restraint Capture Techniques Manual Restraint Chemical Restraint Various Sampling Techniques Blood Collection Blood Collection Sites Compound Administration Grooming and General Maintenance Necropsy References Resources Organizations Diagnostic Laboratories Publications Vendors

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