Student radicalism and the formation of postwar Japan


Student radicalism and the formation of postwar Japan

Kenji Hasegawa

(New directions in East Asian history)

Palgrave Macmillan, c2019

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This book offers a timely and multifaceted reanalysis of student radicalism in postwar Japan. It considers how students actively engaged the early postwar debates over subjectivity, and how the emergence of a new generation of students in the mid-1950s influenced the nation's embrace of the idea that 'the postwar' had ended. Attentive to the shifting spatial and temporal boundaries of 'postwar Japan,' it elucidates previously neglected histories of student and zainichi Korean activism and their interactions with the Japanese Communist Party. This book is a key read for scholars in the field of Japanese history, social movements and postcolonial studies, as well as the history of student radicalism.


1. Introduction.- 2. From Shinjinkai to Zengakuren: Petit Bourgeois Students and the Postwar Revolution, 1945-1950.- 3. 'Impressionable Students and Excitable Koreans': Internal Factors in the JCP's Anti-American Radicalization, 1945-1952.- 4. Guerilla Warfare in Postwar Japan: The Ogochi sanson kosakutai, 1950-1952.- 5. Waging 'Peace' in Post-Occupation Japan: The Uchinada Base Protests of 1953.- 6. Postwar Departures and Reversions in Mid-1950s Japan: Chongryon, Okinawa, and 'Bloody Sunagawa'.

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