Resilient Asia : fusion of traditional and modern systems for a sustainable future


Resilient Asia : fusion of traditional and modern systems for a sustainable future

Kazuhiko Takeuchi ... [et al.], editors

(Science for sustainable societies / editor in chief, Kazuhiko Takeuchi)

Springer, c2018

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Other editors: Osamu Saito, Hirotaka Matsuda, Geetha Mohan

Includes bibliographical references



This book summarizes three years of extensive research conducted in Sri Lanka, Indonesia and Vietnam as part of the CECAR - Asia project, which was intended to enhance resilience to climate and ecosystem changes by developing mosaic systems to strengthen resilience of bio-production systems through the integration of large-scale modern agriculture systems with traditional, decentralized small-scale systems. The book starts with climate downscaling and impact assessment in rural Asia, and then explores various adaptation options and measures by utilizing modern science and traditional knowledge including home garden systems and ancient irrigation systems. The book subsequently examines the influence of climatic and ecological changes and the vulnerability of social economies from quantitative and qualitative standpoints, applying econometric and statistical models in agriculture communities of Asia to do so. The main goal of all chapters and case studies presented here is to identify the merits of applying organic methods to both commercial large-scale production and traditional production to strengthen social resilience and promote sustainable development. Especially at a time when modern agriculture systems are highly optimized but run the risk of failure due to changes in the climate and ecosystem, this book offers viable approaches to developing an integrated framework of modern and traditional systems to enhance productivity and total system resilience, as illustrated in various case studies.


Acknowledgements.- Chapter 1: Introduction: Enhancing Resilience against Climate and Ecosystem Changes in Rural Asia.- Chapter 2: Preliminary assessment of rice production in coastal part of Red River Delta surrounding Xuan Thuy National Park, Vietnam for improving resilience.- Chapter 3: Farmers' behavior for introducing livestock to respond to external shocks.- Chapter 4: Enhancing Resilience to Climate Change and Disasters for Sustainable Development: Case Study of Vietnam Coastal Urban Areas.- Chapter 5: Traditional Farmers' Adaptation Strategies On Climate Change Of Different Environmental Condition In Yogyakarta Province, Indonesia.- Chapter 6: Ecosystem Services of Traditional Homegardens: A Case Study on Strategies to Enhance Homegardens and Livelihood in Sri Lanka.- Chapter 7: Integrated Water Resources analysis of the Deduru Oya Left Bank considering traditional and modern systems.- Chapter 8: Mosaic of Traditional and Modern Agriculture Systems for Enhancing Resilience.- Chapter 9: Conclusion: Synthesis, Recommendations, and Future Direction.

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