Research methods in linguistics


Research methods in linguistics

by Lia Litosseliti

Bloomsbury Academic, 2018

2nd ed

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An in-depth introduction to all research methods in linguistics, this is the ideal textbook for undergraduate and postgraduate students. Research Methods are important skills for students of linguistics to learn prior to undertaking research projects at either undergraduate or postgraduate level. Students need to learn how to develop research methods appropriate for their chosen study, and how to record, transcribe, code and analyse the data collected. This comprehensive introduction to research methods in linguistics guides the student through these areas, offering advice at a theoretical and practical level. The book covers formal, computational, quantitative and qualitative research methods in detail, and each chapter is written by an academic renowned in the field. Topics covered include: using corpora, questionnaire design, computer-assisted content analysis, interview methods, observation, fieldwork in linguistics, and statistic analysis. Providing an in-depth introduction to all research methods in linguistics, this is the ideal textbook for undergraduate and postgraduate students encountering linguistic data for the first time.


Part I: Issues 1. 'Research Questions in Linguistics' (Jane Sunderland, Lancaster University, UK) 2. 'Quantitative, Qualitative or Both? Combining Methods in Linguistic Research', Jo Angouri (University of the West of England, UK) Part II: Quantitative & Corpus research methods 3. 'Quantitative Methods: Concepts, Frameworks and Issues', Dr Sebastian Rasinger (Anglia Ruskin University, UK) 4. 'Organising and Processing your Data: the Nuts and Bolts of Quantitative Analyses', Erez Levon (Queen Mary, University of London, UK) 5. 'Corpus Methods in Linguistics', Paul Baker (Lancaster University, UK) Part III: Qualitative research methods 6. 'Discourse Analytic Approaches to Text and Talk', Judith Baxter, (Aston University, Birmingham, UK) 7. 'Linguistic Ethnography', Angela Creese (University of Birmingham, UK) 8. 'Interviews and Focus Groups', Nigel Edley (Nottingham Trent University, UK) & Lia Litosseliti (City University, London, UK) 9. 'Multimodal Analysis: Key Issues', Jeff Bezemer & Carey Jewitt, (Institute of Education, UK) 10. 'Narrative Analysis in Linguistic Research', Julio C. Gimenez, (Middlesex University, UK) Bibliography Index

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Research Methods in Linguistics guides the reader through the key issues, principles, and contributions of core methods in linguistic research. It is an essential resource for researchers and graduate students looking for clear introductions to key concepts, accessible discussions of theory and practice through illustrative examples, and critical engagement with current debates. Topics covered include developing research questions; combining methods; quantitative research designs (including questionnaires, chi-square tests and t-tests); corpus analysis; qualitative research methods (interview methods, discourse analytic approaches, multimodal analysis). Expanded throughout, this second edition also features: - New chapters on ethics in linguistic research; transcription; and case study research - Further reading, online resources, discussion questions and a glossary of key terms for each chapter Providing in-depth introductions to key concepts, a wealth of examples from recent linguistic research and suggestions for further exploration and discussion in each area, this book will be an invaluable resource for anyone working with linguistic data.


Table of contents Introducing Research Methods in Linguistics (Lia Litosseliti, City, University of London, UK) Part I: Issues 1. Research Questions in Linguistics (Jane Sunderland, Lancaster University, UK) 2. Quantitative, Qualitative, Mixed, or Holistic research? Combining Methods in Linguistic Research (Jo Angouri, University of Warwick, UK and Aalto University, Finland) 3. Ethics in Linguistic Research (Christine Mallinson, University of Maryland, Baltimore Country, USA) 4. Transcription in Linguistics (Lorenza Mondada, University of Basel, Switzerland and University of Helsinki, Finland) Part II: Quantitative Perspectives 5. Quantitative Methods: Concepts, Frameworks and Issues (Sebastian M. Rasinger, Anglia Ruskin University, UK) 6. Organizing and Processing Your Data: The Nuts and Bolts of Quantitative Analyses (Erez Levon, Queen Mary University of London, UK) 7. Corpus Methods in Linguistics (Paul Baker, University of Lancaster, UK) Part III: Qualitative Perspectives 8. Critical Perspectives on Using Interviews and Focus Groups (Nigel Edley, Nottingham Trent University, UK and Lia Litosseliti, City, University of London, UK) 9. Discourse-analytic approaches to text and talk (Judith Baxter, Aston University UK) 10. Linguistic Ethnography (Angela Creese, University of Birmingham, UK and Fiona Copland, University of Stirling, UK) 11. Multimodality: A guide for linguists (Jeff Bezemer, UCL Institute of Education, UK and Carey Jewitt, University College London, UK) 12. Case Study Research in Applied Linguistics (Patricia A. Duff, University of British Columbia, Canada)

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