Journeys through ethnography : realistic accounts of fieldwork


Journeys through ethnography : realistic accounts of fieldwork

edited by Annette Lareau and Jeffrey Shultz

Routledge, 2018, c1996

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Includes bibliographical references (p. 241-249) and index



Learning how to carry out research projects using participant observation and in-depth interviews has become a priority for scholars in a wide range of fields, including anthropology, sociology, education, social work, nursing, and psychology. This book, a collection of well-known fieldwork accounts covering the qualitative research process, aims to help undergraduate students, graduate students, and scholars in the social sciences understand common problems in the research process and learn strategies for resolving them.Unlike methods books that treat research issues in a superficial or prescriptive fashion, this book realistically portrays, through researchers own accounts, the process of discovery and resolution of conflicts involved in fieldwork. It also shows the costs involved in the choice of solutions. Students and seasoned scholars alike will find the collection a source of knowledge, inspiration, and comfort concerning the complexity of conducting fieldwork.


Introduction (Annette Lareau and Jeffrey Shultz. ) On the Evolution of Street Corner Society (William F. Whyte. ) Choosing a Host (Alma Gottlieb and Philip Graham. ) On the Making of Aint No Makin It (Jay MacLeod. ) Reflections on a Tale Told Twice (Janet Theophano and Karen Curtis. ) Beyond Subjectivity (Susan Krieger. ) Common Problems in Field Work: A Personal Essay (A. Lareau. ) Epilogue: A Selective Guide to the Literature

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