Algorithms and complexity : 11th International Conference, CIAC 2019, Rome, Italy, May 27-29, 2019 : proceedings


Algorithms and complexity : 11th International Conference, CIAC 2019, Rome, Italy, May 27-29, 2019 : proceedings

Pinar Heggernes (ed.)

(Lecture notes in computer science, 11485 . LNCS sublibrary : SL1 . Theoretical computer science and general issues)

Springer, c2019

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This book constitutes the refereed conference proceedings of the 11th International Conference on Algorithms and Complexity, CIAC 2019, held in Rome, Italy, in May 2019. The 30 full papers were carefully reviewed and selected from 95 submissions. The International Conference on Algorithms and Complexity is intended to provide a forum for researchers working in all aspects of computational complexity and the use, design, analysis and experimentation of efficient algorithms and data structures. The papers present original research in the theory and applications of algorithms and computational complexity.


Quadratic Vertex Kernel for Split Vertex Deletion.- The temporal explorer who returns to the base.- Minimum Convex Partition of Point Sets.- Parameterized Complexity of Safe Set.- Parameterized Complexity of Diameter.- Fixed-parameter algorithms for maximum-profit facility location under matroid constraints.- Project Games.- Subgraph Isomorphism on Graph Classes that Exclude a Substructure.- Your Rugby Mates Don't Need to Know your Colleagues: Triadic Closure with Edge Colors.- k-cuts on a path.- Extension of vertex cover and independent set in some classes of graphs.- On Hedonic Games with Common Ranking Property.- Complexity of scheduling for DARP with soft ride times.- Vertex Deletion on Split Graphs: Beyond 4-Hitting Set.- Fair Hitting Sequence problem: scheduling activities with varied frequency requirements.- Towards a Theory of Mixing Graphs: A Characterization of Perfect Mixability.- Searching by heterogeneous agents.- Finding a Mediocre Player.- Covering Tours and Cycle Covers with Turn Costs: Hardness and Approximation.- The Parameterized Position Heap of a Trie.- Parameterized Algorithms for Generalizations of Directed Feedback Vertex Set.- Shortest Reconfiguration Sequence for Sliding Tokens on Spiders.- Turing Tumble is P(SPACE)-Complete.- Linear-Time In-Place DFS and BFS on the Word RAM.- A Faster Algorithm for the Strongly Stable b-Matching Problem.- Eternal Domination in Grids.- On the Necessary Memory to Compute the Plurality in Multi-Agent Systems.- Complexity of Vertex Switching on Edge-Bicolored Graphs.- Independent lazy better-response dynamics on network games.- Subset Feedback Vertex Set in Chordal and Split Graphs.

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