Studio studies : operations, topologies and displacements


    • Farias, Ignacio
    • Wilkie, Alex


Studio studies : operations, topologies and displacements

edited by Ignacio Farías, Alex Wilkie

(Culture, economy and the social)

Routledge, 2018, c2016

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"First issued in paperback 2018"--T.p. verso

Includes bibliographical references and index



Consider the vast array of things around you, from the building you are in, the lights illuminating the interior, the computational devices mediating your life, the music in the background, even the crockery, furniture and glassware you are in the presence of. Common to all these objects is that their concrete, visual and technological forms were invariably conceived, modelled, finished and tested in sites characterised as studios. Remarkably, the studio remains a peculiar lacuna in our understanding of how cultural artefacts are brought into being and how 'creativity' operates as a located practice. Studio Studies is an agenda setting volume that presents a set of empirical case studies that explore and examine the studio as a key setting for aesthetic and material production. As such, Studio Studies responds to three contemporary concerns in social and cultural thought: first, how to account for the situated nature of creative and cultural production; second, the challenge of reimagining creativity as a socio-materially distributed practice rather than the cognitive privilege of the individual; and finally, to unravel the parallels, contrasts and interconnections between studios and other sites of cultural-aesthetic and technoscientific production, notably laboratories. By enquiring into the operations, topologies and displacements that shape and format studios, this volume aims to demarcate a novel and important object of analysis for empirical social and cultural research as well to develop new conceptual repertoires to unpack the multiple ways studio processes shape our everyday lives.


Introduction 1. Studio Studies: Notes for a research program, Ignacio Farias & Alex Wilkie Part 1: Operations 2. The Design Studio as a Centre of Synthesis, Alex Wilkie & Mike Michael 3. Bringing the World into the Creative Studio: The 'reference' as an advertising device, Tomas Ariztia 4. From the Squid's Point of View: Mountable cameras, flexible studios and the perspectivist turn, Emmanuel Grimaud Interview 5. For a Sociology of Maquettes: An interview with Antoine Hennion, Antoine Hennion & Ignacio Farias Part 2: Topologies 6. Theorizing Studio Space: Spheres and atmospheres in a video game design studio, James Ash 7. Inter- to Intracorporeality: The haptic hotshop heat of a glassblowing studio, Erin O'Connor 8. Architecture in the Wild: The studio overflowed, Sophie Houdart Interview 9. Temporalities, aesthetics and the studio: an interview with Georgina Born, Georgina Born & Alex Wilkie Part 3: Displacements 10. Rediscovering Daphne Oram's Sound-House: The home-studio as domestic experiment, Laurie Waller 11. The Studio in the Firm: A study of four artistic intervention residencies, Ariane Berthoin Antal 12. Studio Operations: Manipulation, storage and hunting in desert landscapes, Ignacio Farias Afterword 13. Afterword - Studio Studies: Scenarios, supplements, scope, Mike Michael

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