Thomas Aquinas : basic philosophical writing : from the Summa theologiae and The principles of nature



Thomas Aquinas : basic philosophical writing : from the Summa theologiae and The principles of nature

[Thomas Aquinas] ; edited and translated by Steven Baldner

(Broadview editions)

Broadview Press, c2019

  • : softcover

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Includes bibliographical references (p. 241-244) and indexes



This volume contains new translations of the essential philosophical writings of Thomas Aquinas from the Summa Theologiae and The Principles of Nature. The included texts represent the breadth of Aquinas's thought, addressing: the fundamental principles of nature; causality; the existence of God; how God can be known; how language can be used to describe God; human nature (including the nature of the soul, free will, and epistemology); happiness; ethics; and natural law. The goal of these translations is twofold: to allow Aquinas to speak for himself, but also to make his thought accessible to the contemporary reader without the burden of unnecessary adherence to convention. A thorough yet accessible introduction is included, as are a series of useful appendices connecting Aquinas's arguments to those of Anselm, Scotus, and others.


Introduction Thomas Aquinas: A Brief Chronology Part 1: The Principles of Nature Chapter 1: The Three Principles Chapter 2: Privation and Matter Chapter 3: The Four Causes Chapter 4: Relations among the Four Causes Chapter 5: The Modes of the Causes Chapter 6: The Predication of Terms Part 2: God (Texts from Summa theologiae I) A. Theology and Philosophy B. The Existence of God C. Properties of God D. Analogy: Language about God Part 3: Human Nature (Texts from Summa theologiae I) A. Soul and Body B. Will and Choice C. Knowledge Part 4: Ethics (Texts from Summa theologiae I-II) A. The Goal: Happiness B. Voluntary Actions C. The Moral Goodness of Human Acts D. Habits and Virtues E. Law and Natural Law Appendix 1: Anselm's Argument Appendix 2: Bonaventure on God Appendix 3: Scotus' Proof of God Appendix 4: Ockham on God Appendix 5: Descartes's Ontological Argument Appendix 6: Scotus on Immortality Appendix 7: Ockham on Soul Appendix 8: Scotus on Will Appendix 9: Ockham on Will Bibliography

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