Of cigarettes, high heels, and other interesting things : an introduction to semiotics


    • Danesi, Marcel


Of cigarettes, high heels, and other interesting things : an introduction to semiotics

Marcel Danesi

Palgrave Macmillan, 2018

Third edition

  • pbk.

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This book deals with one the most interesting aspects of human life-the search for meaning. It discusses how the science of semiotics is equipped to provide insight on what meaning is and how we produce it. Why is it that certain people routinely put their survival at risk by smoking? Why is it that some women make locomotion difficult for themselves by donning high-heel footwear? Are there unconscious forces at work behind such strange behaviors? This book will attempt to answer such questions by claiming that these behaviors are meaningful in culture-specific ways. The discipline that studies such behaviors and their relation to meanings is called semiotics. Semiotics probes the human condition in its own peculiar way, by unraveling the meanings of signs, which motivate not only the wearing of high heel shoes, but also the construction of words and art forms. Now in its third edition, this landmark introduction to semiotics has been updated with a wealth of new content, focusing on the many developments in digital culture since the previous edition. With the addition of topics such as memes, Selfies, social media profiles, and even Mafia discourse, the new edition comprehensively covers new trends in culture while streamlining treatments of basic semiotics contents.


1. Cigarettes and High Heels: The Universe of Signs 2. What Does It Mean?: How Humans Represent the World3. Make-Up: Why Do We Put It on?4. Tell Me about Yourself: What Is Language?5. Kisses Sweeter than Wine: Metaphor and the Making of Meaning6. Now, You Tell Me about Yourself: Why Do We Tell Stories?7. At Arm's Length: The Meanings of Spaces8. What a Beautiful Ring!: The Meaning of Clothes and Objects9. Art is Indistinguishable from Life: The Artistic Nature of the Human Species10. There's More to Perfume than Smell: Advertising, Pop Culture, and Meme Culture

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