American philanthropic foundations : regional difference and change


American philanthropic foundations : regional difference and change

edited by David C. Hammack and Steven Rathgeb Smith

(Philanthropic and nonprofit studies)

Indiana University Press, c2018

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Includes bibliographical references and index



Once largely confined to the biggest cities in the mid-Atlantic and Great Lakes states, philanthropic foundations now play a significant role in nearly every state. Wide-ranging and incisive, the essays in American Philanthropic Foundations: Regional Difference and Change examine the origins, development, and accomplishments of philanthropic foundations in key cities and regions of the United States. Each contributor assesses foundation efforts to address social and economic inequalities, and to encourage cultural and creative life in their home regions and elsewhere. This fascinating and timely study of contemporary America's philanthropic foundations vividly illustrates foundations' commonalities and differences as they strive to address pressing public problems.


Acknowledgements Introduction/David C. Hammack 1. New York Foundations / David C. Hammack 2. Philanthropic Funds in Baltimore / Jessica Elfenbein and Elise C. Hagesfeld 3. The Washington, D.C. Region's Modest Foundation Sector / Alan Abramson and Stefan Toepler 4. Northeastern Ohio's Collaborative Foundations / Elise C. Hagesfeld and David C. Hammack 5. Philanthropic Foundations in Chicago/ Heather MacIndoe 6. The Rise of Grantmaking Foundations the South / Martin Lehfeldt and Jamil Zainaldin 7. The Foundations of Texas / Peter Frumkin and Heather MacIndoe 8. Foundations in Los Angeles / David B. Howard and Helmut K. Anheier 9. Foundations in San Francisco and Silicon Valley / Carol. J Silverman and Arleda Martinez 10. Washington State's Foundations / Steven Rathgeb Smith, Beth L. Lovelady, Natalie C. Alm, and Kate Anderson Simons By Way of a Conclusion: Regions, Foundations, and Policy / David C. Hammack and Steven Rathgeb Smith Appendix A: The Biggest Foundations, 1946, 1979, 2012 Appendix B: Community Funds and the Distribution of Smaller Foundations Index

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