Shaping citizenship : a political concept in theory, debate and practice


Shaping citizenship : a political concept in theory, debate and practice

edited by Claudia Wiesner ... [et al.]

(Conceptualising change in comparative politics : polities, peoples, and markets / edited by Francisco Panizza and Anthony Peter Spanakos, 9)

Routledge, 2019, c2018

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Other editors: Anna Björk, Hanna-Mari Kivistö and Katja Mäkinen

Includes bibliographical references and index



Citizenship is a core concept for the social sciences, and citizenship is also frequently interpreted, challenged and contested in different political arenas. Shaping Citizenship explores how the concept is debated and contested, defined and redefined, used and constructed by different agents, at different times, and with regard to both theory and practice. The book uses a reflexive and constructivist perspective on the concept of citizenship that draws on the theory and methodology of conceptual history. This approach enables a panorama of politically important readings on citizenship that provide an interdisciplinary perspective and help to transcend narrow and simplified views on citizenship. The three parts of the book focus respectively on theories, debates and practices of citizenship. In the chapters, constructions and struggles related to citizenship are approached by experts from different fields. Thematically the chapters focus on political representation, migration, internationalization, sub-and transnationalization as well as the Europeanisation of citizenship. An indispensable read to scholars and students, Shaping Citizenship presents new ways to study the conceptual changes, struggles and debates related to core dimensions of this ever-evolving concept.


Introduction: Shaping Citizenship as a Political Concept [Claudia Wiesner, Anna Bjoerk, Hanna-Mari Kivistoe and Katja Makinen] Part 1: Theorising Citizenship [Anna Bjoerk, Hanna-Mari Kivistoe, Katja Makinen and Claudia Wiesner] 1. Prototype Citizenship: Evolving Concepts of Inclusion and Order [Mikhail Ilyin] 2. The Concept of "Good Enough Citizen" Revisited: An Exploration of Current Discourses on Political Participation [Elena Garcia-Guitian] 3. Citizenship, Democracy and the Iconology of Political Representation: A Plea for an Iconological Turn in Democratic Theory [Hans J. Lietzmann] 4. Abstaining Citizenship: Deliberative and Epistocratic Understandings of Refraining from Voting [Francisco Javier Gil Martin] Part 2: Debating Citizenship [Hanna-Mari Kivistoe, Anna Bjoerk, Katja Makinen and Claudia Wiesner] 5. Right of the Politically Persecuted Non-Citizen or Right of the State? Conceptual Debates on Asylum [Hanna-Mari Kivistoe] 6. Temporality at the Borders of Citizenship: Conditioning Access in the Case of the United Kingdom [Anna Bjoerk] 7. Access to Medical Care: A Citizenship Right or a Human Right? On Struggles over Rights, Entitlement and Membership in Contemporary Sweden [Amanda Nielsen] 8. The Non-State Sami: Struggle for Indigenous Citizenship in the European North [Sanna Valkonen and Jarno Valkonen] Part 3: Practising Citizenship [Katja Makinen, Anna Bjoerk, Hanna-Mari Kivistoe and Claudia Wiesner] 9. Shaping Citizenship Practice through Laws: Rights and Conceptual Innovations in the EU [Claudia Wiesner] 10. Practicing European Industrial Citizenship: The Case of Labour Migration to Germany [Nathan Lillie and Ines Wagner] 11. "All About Doing Democracy"? Participation and Citizenship in EU Projects [Katja Makinen] 12. Dual Citizenship and Voting Rights: Domestic Practices and Interstate Tensions [Heino Nyyssoenen and Jussi Metsala] Conclusion: Contested Conceptualisations of Citizenship [Claudia Wiesner, Anna Bjoerk, Hanna-Mari Kivistoe and Katja Makinen]

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