Whitehead at Harvard : 1924-1925


Whitehead at Harvard : 1924-1925

edited by Brian G Henning and Joseph Petek

Edinburgh University Press, c2020

  • : hardback

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Includes bibliographical references and index



In these newly commissioned essays, leading Whitehead scholars ask a range of important questions about Whitehead’s first year of philosophy lectures. Do these lectures challenge or confirm previous understandings of Whitehead’s published works? What is revealed about the development of Whitehead’s thought in the crucial period after London but before the publication of Science and the Modern World? What should we make of concepts and terms that were introduced in these lectures but were never incorporated into subsequent publications? Also included is the text of Whitehead’s first lecture at Harvard, recently gifted to the Critical Edition, allowing for a clearer understanding of Whitehead’s plans and goals for his first course of lectures in philosophy than has previously been possible.


  • Abbreviations
  • Acknowledgements
  • Preface
  • A Brief History of the Critical Edition of Whitehead, Brian G. Henning
  • Introduction
  • Tales from the Whitehead Mines: On Whitehead, His Students, and the challenges of Editing the Critical Edition, Joseph Petek
  • Part I: The First Lecture
  • 1. First lecture: September, 1924, Alfred North Whitehead
  • 2. Examining Whitehead’s ‘First lecture: September, 1924, Paul A. Bogaard
  • Part II: The Fitness of the Environment
  • 3. Whitehead and his Philosophy of Evolution, Paul A. Bogaard
  • 4. Some Clarifications on Evolution and Time, Maria-Teresa Teixeira
  • 5. Whitehead’s Biological Turn, Dennis Sölch
  • Part III: Physics and Relativity
  • 6. Quanta and Corpuscles: The Influence of Quantum Mechanical Ideas on Whitehead's Transitional Philosophy in Light of The Harvard Lectures, Gary L. Herstein
  • 7. From Physics to Philosophy, and from Continuity to Atomicity,Ronny Desmet
  • 8. Whitehead’s Highly Speculative Lectures on Quantum Theory, Ronny Desmet
  • 9. On Herstein’s ‘Quanta and Corpuscles’, Ronny Desmet
  • 10. Reply to Desmet, Gary L. Herstein
  • Part IV: Whitehead’s Philosophical Context
  • 11. Whitehead and Kant at Copenhagenm, Jason Bell, Seshu Iyengar
  • 12. Whitehead’s Early Harvard Period, Hartshorne, and the Transcendental Project, George W. Shields
  • 13. Footnotes to Plato, Aljoscha Berve
  • Part V: Metaphysical Reflections
  • 14. Diagrams and Myths, George Allan
  • 15. How ‘Eternity’ got ‘Thrown Forward’ into ‘Perishing’, Jude Jones
  • Part VI: Reinterpreting Whitehead
  • 16. Uncovering a ‘New’ Whitehead, George R. Lucas, Jr
  • 17. Whitehead in Class: Do the Harvard-Radcliffe Course Notes Change How we Understand Whitehead’s Thought?, Brian G. Henning
  • Notes on Contributors
  • Index.

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