Sustainability and the automobile Industry in Asia : policy and governance


Sustainability and the automobile Industry in Asia : policy and governance

edited by Aki Suwa and Masahiko Iguchi

(Routledge studies in sustainability)

Routledge, 2020

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This book provides a wealth of information and a critically required framework for sustainable automobile policy development in major Asian countries. It also gives wide-ranging policy options, ranging from technological to institutional solutions to automobile emission problems, based on empirical case studies and comparative policy and regulatory analysis. It is a useful reference with valuable insights on how rapidly changing economies are adopting their policy and regulatory structures to cope with the progressively severe environmental impacts of automobile increase.


Part 1: Conceptual Framework and Background for Understanding the Sustainability Impact of Transport and Automobiles 1. Sustainability and the Automobile Industry in Asia: An Overview 2. Transport Issues and Challenges in Asian Cities and their Socioeconomic and Environmental Implications for Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals 3. Regulatory Convergence and Policy Diffusion in Automobile Emission Standards: Cases of China and India Part 2: Case Studies 4. Enabling Purposive Experimentation in the Transport Sector: The Case of BRT Improvement and CNG Conversion in Semarang, Indonesia 5. Green Vehicle Policy and Demand in Indonesia 6. Challenges for Fuel Quality Change in India 7. Sustainable Transport Strategies for Gurgaon 8. Role of Motor Inspection and Maintenance: Practices and Governance in Japan 9. Governance for a Sustainable Automobile Future in Asia: Barriers and Enablers

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