The end of communist rule in Albania : political change and the role of the student movement


    • Rama, Shinasi A.


The end of communist rule in Albania : political change and the role of the student movement

edited by Shinasi A. Rama

(Conceptualising change in comparative politics : polities, peoples, and markets / edited by Francisco Panizza and Anthony Peter Spanakos, 10)

Routledge, 2020

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This book provides a comprehensive examination of the Albanian Student Movement of 1990-1991. To date, there are no thorough studies of the first year of the post-Communist transition in Albania, which constitutes the most critical period of transition. The lessons to be learned are vast and of great importance to the debates on social movements, mobilization, and transition. Renowned scholars of modern Albanian history, led by the former leader of the Albanian Student Movement, Shinasi A. Rama, provide a study of the critical role played by this movement in the political transformation of Albania from a totalitarian cult-state to a multiparty political system during 1990-1991. Their informed analyses combined with first-hand knowledge of the events during a key period of Albanian history shed light on the Student Movement, its ideology, values, contributions, and its relationship to the system and to the ruling caste. The authors come to the core conclusion that the Student Movement remained an independent player that achieved change in the political system at a crucial juncture. The End of Communist Rule in Albania is a much-needed contribution in the fields of social movements, democratization studies, Communist and Post-Communist politics, and Albanian Studies.


Introduction 1. Who Slew the Dragon?! The Collapse of Communism, Political Change and the Student Movement in Albania Part 1: The Regime in a Deep Crisis: The Albanian Case 2. Coming to an End: The Fall of the Communist Rule in Albania 3. Contributing Actors to the Regime Change in Albania: The First Phase of Transition and the Role of the Albania Student Movement 4. Youth as Social Actor in the Albanian Regime Change Part 2: The Evolution of the Student Movement and its Role in the Dynamics of Political Change 5. The Rise of the Student Movement and its Role in the Collapse of the Communist Regime 6. The Idea of the Nation-State and the Student Movement 7. Considerations on the Leadership Dynamics During the First Stage of Transition 8. Competing Visions: Albanian Youth and Students in the Late-Communist Period and the Political Elite 9. What kind of Democracy? Which Kind of Pluralism? Comparing President Ramiz Alia's Meetings with the Intellectuals and the Student Representation Part 3: Political Change and the Student Movement in Albania: Three Perspectives 10. Making Sense of the Albania events: International Interpretations and Responses 11. Heroes and Myths 12. The Student Movement Changed Albania Forever: A Reflection on its Contribution to Modern Albanian History Part 4: Conclusion 13. The Dragon did not Commit Suicide: The Collapse of the Totalitarian Cult-State and the Role of the Student movement in Albania

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