Airline finance

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Airline finance

Peter S. Morrell

Ashgate, c2013

4th ed

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Air transport industry finance, with its complexity and special needs such as route rights, airport slots, aircraft leasing options and frequent flyer programmes, requires specific knowledge. While there are numerous financial management and corporate finance texts available, few of these provide explanations for the singularities of the airline industry with worked examples drawn directly from the industry itself. Revised and updated in its fourth edition, this internationally renowned and respected book provides the essentials to understanding all areas of airline finance. Designed to address each of the distinct areas of financial management in an air transport industry context, it also shows how these fit together, while each chapter and topic provides a detailed resource which can be also consulted separately. Supported at each stage by practical airline examples, it examines the financial trends and prospects for the airline industry as a whole, contrasting the developments for the major regions and airlines. Important techniques in financial analysis are applied to the airline industry, together with critical discussion of key issues. Thoroughly amended and updated throughout, the fourth edition reflects the many developments that have affected the industry, with a particular emphasis on the full impact of the global banking and sovereign debt crises. This edition also features new material discussing the increased airline mergers and acquisitions (M&A) activity of recent years, and considers the likelihood of further consolidation in the future. The book is a key resource for students of airline management, and a sophisticated and authoritative guide for analysts in financial institutions and consultancies, executives in airlines and related industries, and civil aviation departments.

Table of Contents

Preface 1 Industry Financial Performance 2 Airline Financial Statements 3 Airline Financial Ratios 4 Airline Valuation 5 Sources of Finance 6 Equity Finance 7 Airline Privatisation 8 Airline Financial Planning and Appraisal 9 Risk Management: Foreign Currency, Fuel Prices and Interest Rates 10 Aircraft Leasing 11 Aircraft Securitisation 12 Airline Bankruptcy 13 Industry Financial Prospects

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