The Palgrave handbook of African education and Indigenous knowledge



The Palgrave handbook of African education and Indigenous knowledge

Jamaine M. Abidogun, Toyin Falola, editors

Palgrave Macmillan, c2020

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This handbook explores the evolution of African education in historical perspectives as well as the development within its three systems-Indigenous, Islamic, and Western education models-and how African societies have maintained and changed their approaches to education within and across these systems. African education continues to find itself at once preserving its knowledge, while integrating Islamic and Western aspects in order to compete within this global reality. Contributors take up issues and themes of the positioning, resistance, accommodation, and transformations of indigenous education in relationship to the introduction of Islamic and later Western education. Issues and themes raised acknowledge the contemporary development and positioning of indigenous education within African societies and provide understanding of how indigenous education works within individual societies and national frameworks as an essential part of African contemporary society.


ForewordPart I: Africa Histories of Education1. Introduction to Africa's Educational Wealth2. Ancient Africa Education: Egypt and Nubia3. East Africa Indigenous Education before the Era of Islam4. Anglophone Africa: Education, Religion, and Nation Building, 1960s-1990s5. Conduit and Gatekeeper: Practices and Contestations of Language within Informal and Formal Education in Senegal6. Islamic/Muslim Education in Africa: From North to West Africa7. Christianity and Vocational Education in Africa8. Central African Education: Indigenous to WesternPart II: Africa Indigenous Education and Knowledge9. Reconstructing African Philosophies of Education: Historical and Actual Analyses10. African Indigenous Knowledge, African State Formation, and Education11. African Education and Cultural Belief Systems: Extrapolations from Igboland, Nigeria12. African Theatre as Indigenous Education13. North Africa Nomadic Indigenous Knowledge: Ayt Khabbach Nomads Urban Challenges in Southeastern Morocco14. Elders' Cultural Knowledges and African Indigeneity15. East Africa and Indigenous Knowledge: Its Nature, Contents, Aims, Contemporary Structures and Vitality16. Gendered Sphere of Traditional Knowledge in Morocco17. African Indigenous Knowledges and the Decolonization of Education in AfricaPart III: Islamic or Muslim Education in Contempoary Africa18. Islamic Education in Contemporary Africa19. East Africa and Contemporary Islamic Education: The Unholy Triple Alliance Conundrum20. Central and Southern Africa: Islamic Education Variations21. Islamic Philosophies of Education in Africa22. Gendering Contemporary Islamic Education23. Francophone Education Intersectionalities: Gender, Language, Religion24. Islamic Education and the Quest for Islamic Identity: The Case of Ghana25. The Africam ajami. Case of Senegal26. Muslim Education Policies and Epistemologies in African Tertiary EducationPart IV: African Education: National or Neo-Colonial Constructions27. African Education: Consciencism or Neo-Colonialism28. Visual Studies of Community Schools in an Inner Suburb of Bamako29. Afro-Anglophone Education30. Universal Primary Education: Facets and Meanings31. Tertiary Education in Anglophone West Africa: Contextualizing Challenges32. Whose African Education is it?33. Rethinking Pedagogy and Education Practice in Africa: Comparative Analysis Liberative and Ubuntu Education Philosophies34. Where Religion and Education Meet in Africa35. Linguistic and Cultural Rights in STEAM: Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Mathematics36. A Gendered Analysis of Indigenous Knowledge, Customary Law and Education in Africa: An Anti-Colonial Project37. Diaspora Migrations: Brain Drain or Symbiosis38. Afrocentric Education in North America: An Introduction

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