Semiconductor quantum science and technology



Semiconductor quantum science and technology

edited by Steven T. Cundiff, Mackillo Kira

(Semiconductors and semimetals, v. 105)

Elsevier, Academic Press, 2020

1st ed

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Semiconductor quantum science and technology is exploring the exciting and emerging prospects of integrating quantum functionality on semiconductor platforms to convert current information technology into quantum information technology. The past twenty years have led to incredible advances in this field. This book brings together the leading scientists who present the main achievements and challenges by reviewing and motivating the state-of-the-art at a tutorial level. The key challenges include creating quantum-light sources, quantum information processing via strong light-matter interaction, discovering new quantum materials as well as quasiparticles, and determining new quantum spectroscopic methodologies for superior control of quantum phenomena. As an important step, integration of these solutions on a semiconductor chip is discussed, and outlook for the future of semiconductor quantum science and technology is given.


1. Scaling Single Photon Sources in a Photonic Integrated Circuit Pei-Cheng Ku 2. Microcavity Exciton Polaritons Long Zhang 3. Ultrastrong Coupling in Semiconductors Junichiro Kono 4. Quantum integrated photonic circuits Stephan Reitzenstein 5. Quantum Optics with Quantum Dots Manfred Bayer 6. Valley exciton in monolayer semiconductors and moire superlattices Wang Yao 7. Generation of quantum states of light Glen Solomon 8. Coherent control of a quantum dot ensemble Takeshi Suzuki 9. Chapter Title to be confirmed Shuo Sun 10. Quantum spectroscopy with semiconductors Mackillo Kira and Steven Cundiff 11. High-fidelity quantum-light sources Pascale Senellart 12. Cluster states David Gershoni

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