Making tracks : the politics of local rail transport


Making tracks : the politics of local rail transport

Iain Docherty

(Routledge revivals)

Routledge, 2018

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Includes bibliographical references (p. 304-315) and index

First published 1999 by Ashgate Publishing, Reissued 2018 by Routledge



First published in 1999, this book contains case studies of rail transport policy-making in two UK Passenger Transport Authority areas and reviews the factors informing such policy-making. It contributes to transport geography by explaining why the actual policies implemented in Starthclyde and Merseyside were pursued, and to the continuing development of the political science theory of 'the urban policy regime' by analysing the differences in policy development attributable to the different 'city-regional' (Strathclyde) and 'public choice' (Merseyside) geographical structures of local governance. The book demonstrates that these differences in the spatial organisation of local institutions play a powerful role in determining the operation of the local 'regime' of policy-makers, the form of final policy outputs, and the level of public accountability achieved.


1. Introduction. 2. The Urban Transportation Problem. 3. Theory and Practice in Local Governance. 4. Local Governance and Rail Transport in the Study Areas. 5. Perceptions of Policy-making. 6. Major Development Opportunities in Strathclyde. 8. Major Development Opportunities in Merseyside. 9. Incremental Development Opportunities in Merseyside. 10. Conclusions: Impacts on Policy-making.

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