Fields, capitals, habitus : Australian culture, inequalities and social divisions


Fields, capitals, habitus : Australian culture, inequalities and social divisions

edited by Tony Bennett ... [et al.]

(Culture, economy and the social)

Routledge, 2021

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"E・S・R・C, Economic & Social Research Council"

"CRESC, Centre for Research on Socio-Cultural Change"

Includes bibliographical references (p. [368]-383) and index



Fields, Capitals, Habitus provides an insightful analysis of the relations between culture and society in contemporary Australia. Presenting the findings of a detailed national survey of Australian cultural tastes and practices, it demonstrates the pivotal significance of the role culture plays at the intersections of a range of social divisions and inequalities: between classes, age cohorts, ethnicities, genders, city and country, and the relations between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians. The book looks first at how social divisions inform the ways in which Australians from different social backgrounds and positions engage with the genres, institutions and particular works of culture and cultural figures across six cultural fields: the visual arts, literature, music, heritage, television and sport. It then examines how Australians' cultural preferences across these fields interact within the Australian 'space of lifestyles'. The close attention paid to class here includes an engagement with role of 'middlebrow' cultures in Australia and the role played by new forms of Indigenous cultural capital in the emergence of an Indigenous middle class. The rich survey data is complemented throughout by in-depth qualitative data provided by interviews with survey participants. These are discussed more closely in the final part of the book which explores the gendered, political, personal and community associations of cultural tastes across Australia's Anglo-Celtic, Italian, Lebanese, Chinese and Indian populations. The distinctive ethical issues associated with how Australians relate to Indigenous culture are also examined. In the light it throws on the formations of cultural capital in a multicultural settler colonial society, Fields, Capitals, Habitus makes a landmark contribution to cultural capital research.


Introduction Part 1: Fields Introduction 1. Aesthetic Divisions and Intensities in the Australian Art Field 2. Book Value: Reading the Australian Literary Field 3. The Mark of Time: Temporality and the Dynamics of Distinction in the Music Field 4. The Elite and the Everyday in the Australian Heritage Field 5. Television: The Dynamics of a Field in Transition 6. Contesting National Culture: The Sport Field Part 2: Class Introduction 7. The Australian Space of Lifestyles 8. Class and Cultural Capital in Australia 9. The Middle Space of Lifestyles and Middlebrow Culture Part 3: Capitals Introduction 10. The Persistence of Inequality: Education, Class and Cultural Capital 11. Capital Geographies: Mapping the Spaces of Urban Cultural Capital 12. Indigenous Cultural Tastes and Capitals: Gendered and Class Formations 13. Cultural Diversity and the Ethnoscapes of Taste in Australia Part 4: Habitus Introduction 14. Engendering Culture: Accumulating Capital in the Gendered Household 15. Cultural Participation and Belonging 16. The Politics of Consumption: Positioning the Nation 17. The Ethical and Civic Dimensions of Taste Conclusion -- 'distinction' after Distinction Methodological appendices

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