Medieval theories of divine providence : 1250-1350


    • Posti, Mikko


Medieval theories of divine providence : 1250-1350

by Mikko Posti

(Studien und Texte zur Geistesgeschichte des Mittelalters, Bd. 128)

Brill, 2020

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In Medieval Theories of Divine Providence 1250-1350 Mikko Posti presents a historical and philosophical study of the doctrine of divine providence in 13th- and 14th-century Latin philosophical theology. In addition to offering a fresh and engaging reading of Thomas Aquinas's ideas concerning providence, Posti focuses on Siger of Brabant, Peter Auriol and Thomas Bradwardine, among others. The book also provides an extended treatment of the relatively little-known 13th-century work Liber de bona fortuna, consisting of Latin translations of chapters found originally in Aristotle's Ethica Eudemia and Magna moralia. In their treatments of Liber de bona fortuna, the medieval theologians provided philosophically interesting explanations of good fortune and its relationship to divine providence. See inside the book.


Acknowledgements Introduction 1 Historical Background 1 Introduction 2 Plato and Aristotle on Providence 3 Aristotle on Causality and Chance 4 The Epicureans and the Stoic Theory of Fate and Providence 5 The Middle Platonists, Conditional Fate 6 The Peripatetic Tradition and "Aristotle's Theory of Providence" 7 The Neoplatonists: All-Embracing Divine Providence 8 Augustine and the Christian Formulation of Divine Providence 9 Boethius's Consolation of Philosophy 10 Boethius on Causality 11 John of Damascus 2 Divine Providence from Alexander of Hales to Thomas Aquinas 1 Accidental Causality, Free Choice and Evil 2 Avicenna and Averroes on Providence and Causality 3 Alexander of Hales and the Summa Halensis 4 Albert the Great 5 Thomas Aquinas 6 Siger of Brabant 3 Divine Providence from 1277 to Thomas Bradwardine 1 Introduction 2 The 1277 Condemnations 3 Giles of Rome 4 Matthew of Aquasparta 5 Richard of Middleton, John of Paris & Durand of St. Pourcain 6 Peter Auriol 7 Robert Holkot 8 Thomas Bradwardine 4 Liber de Bona Fortuna: New Perspectives on Providence 1 Introduction 2 Liber de bona fortuna: Aristotle's Later Theory of Good Fortune? 3 Thomas Aquinas on LDBF 4 Giles of Rome 5 Henry of Ghent 6 Richard of Middleton 7 John Duns Scotus 8 The Anonymous Commentator of LDBF 9 Peter Auriol on LDBF Conclusion Bibliography Index

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