Thermoelectric energy conversion : theories and mechanisms, materials, devices, and applications


    • Funahashi, Ryoji
    • Chen, Lidong
    • Guilmeau, Emmanuel
    • Li, Qiang
    • Min, Gao
    • Miyazaki, Yuzuru


Thermoelectric energy conversion : theories and mechanisms, materials, devices, and applications

editor in chief Ryoji Funahashi, section editors Lidong Chen ... [et al.]

(Woodhead Publishing series in electronic and optical materials)

Woodhead Publishing is an imprint of Elsevier, c2021

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Other editors : Emmanuel Guilmeau, Qiang Li, Gao Min, Yuzuru Miyazaki

Includes bibliographical references and index



Thermoelectric Energy Conversion: Theories and Mechanisms, Materials, Devices, and Applications provides readers with foundational knowledge on key aspects of thermoelectric conversion and reviews future prospects. Sections cover the basic theories and mechanisms of thermoelectric physics, the chemical and physical aspects of classical to brand-new materials, measurement techniques of thermoelectric conversion properties from the materials to modules and current research, including the physics, crystallography and chemistry aspects of processing to produce thermoelectric devices. Finally, the book discusses thermoelectric conversion applications, including cooling, generation, energy harvesting, space, sensor and other emerging areas of applications.


Section A: Theory and mechanism 1.1 Thermoelectric properties beyond the standard Boltzmann model in oxides: A focus on the ruthenates Florent Pawula, Ramzy Daou, Sylvie He'bert, and Antoine Maignan 1.2 Electron correlation Ichiro Terasaki 1.3 Thermal transport by phonons in thermoelectrics Yuxuan Liao, Harsh Chandra, and Junichiro Shiomi Section B: Materials 2.1 Bismuth telluride Yu Pan and Jing-Feng Li 2.2 Thermoelectric properties of skutterudites Ctirad Uher 2.3 Recent developments in half-Heusler thermoelectric materials Jan-Willem G. Bos 2.4 Pseudogap engineering of Fe2VAl-based thermoelectric Heusler compounds Yoichi Nishino 2.5 Zintl phases for thermoelectric applications Susan M. Kauzlarich, Kasey P. Devlin, and Christopher J. Perez 2.6 High-performance sulfide thermoelectric materials Anthony V. Powell 2.7 Synthetic minerals tetrahedrites and colusites for thermoelectric power generation Koichiro Suekuni, Michihiro Ohta, Toshiro Takabatake, and Emmanuel Guilmeau 2.8 High-performance thermoelectrics based on metal selenides Tanmoy Ghosh, Moinak Dutta, and Kanishka Biswas 2.9 Materials development and module fabrication in highly efficient lead tellurides Michihiro Ohta, Priyanka Jood, Raju Chetty, and Mercouri G. Kanatzidis 2.10 Oxide thermoelectric materials: Compositional, structural, microstructural, and processing challenges to realize their potential Slavko Bernik 2.11 Oxide thermoelectric materials Dursun Ekren, Feridoon Azough, and Robert Freer 2.12 Thermoelectric materials-based on organic semiconductors Qingshuo Wei, Masakazu Mukaida, Kazuhiro Kirihara, and Takao Ishida 2.13 Organic thermoelectric materials and devices Hong Wang and Choongho Yu 2.14 Thermoelectric materials and devices based on carbon nanotubes Yoshiyuki Nonoguchi 2.15 Higher manganese silicides Yuzuru Miyazaki 2.16 Silicide materials: Thermoelectric, mechanical properties, and durability for Mg-Si and Mn-Si Tsutomu Iida, Ryo Inoue, Daishi Shiojiri, Naomi Hirayama, Noriaki Hamada, and Yasuo Kogo 2.17 Highly efficient Mg2Si-based thermoelectric materials: A review on the micro- and nanostructure properties and the role of alloying Georgios S. Polymeris, Euripides Hatzikraniotis, and Theodora Kyratsi Section C: Devices and modules 3.1 Segmented modules Shengqiang Bai, Qihao Zhang, and Lidong Chen 3.2 Power generation performance of Heusler Fe2VAl modules Masashi Mikami 3.3 Microthermoelectric devices using Si nanowires Takanobu Watanabe 3.4 Measurement techniques of thermoelectric devices and modules Hsin Wang and Shengqiang Bai 3.5 Evaluation method and measurement example of thermoelectric devices and modules Satoaki Ikeuchi Section D: Applications 4.1 Thermoelectric air cooling Kashif Irshad 4.2 Air-cooled thermoelectric generator Ryoji Funahashi, Tomoyuki Urata, Yoko Matsumura, Hiroyo Murakami, and Hitomi Ikenishi 4.3 Prospects of TEG application from the thermoelectric cooling market Hirokuni Hachiuma 4.4 Thermoelectric applications in passenger vehicles Doug Crane 4.5 Thermoelectric generators for full-sized trucks and sports utility vehicles James R Salvador 4.6 Thermoelectric generation using solar energy Sajjad Mahmoudinezhad and Alireza Rezaniakolaei 4.7 Development and demonstration of outdoor-applicable thermoelectric generators for IoT applications Kanae Nakagawa and Takashi Suzuki

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