Shakespeare in East Asian education


    • Olive, Sarah
    • Chen, Yilin
    • Uchimaru, Kohei
    • Lee, Adele
    • Fielding, Rosalind


Shakespeare in East Asian education

Sarah Olive ... [et al.] ; with an afterword by Chen Yilin

(Global Shakespeares / series editors, Alexa Huang)(Palgrave pivot)

Palgrave Macmillan, c2021

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Other authors: Kohei Uchimaru, Adele Lee, Rosalind Fielding

Includes bibliographical references and index



This book offers fresh, critical insights into Shakespeare in Hong Kong, Japan, and Taiwan. It recognises that Shakespeare in East Asian education is not confined to the classroom or lecture hall but occurs on diverse stages. It covers multiple aspects of education: policy, pedagogy, practice, and performance. Beyond researchers in these areas, this book is for those teaching and learning Shakespeare in the region, those teaching and learning English as an Additional Language anywhere in the world, and those making educational policies, resources, or theatre productions with young people in East Asia.


  • 1. Chapter 1: Introduction
  • Sarah Olive, Uchimaru Kohei, Adele Lee, Rosalind Fielding, Chen Yilin.- 2. Chapter 2: Shakespeare in the Hong Kong Chinese classroom: exploring an intercultural approach to teaching
  • Adele Lee.- 3. Chapter 3: The Chinese Universities Shakespeare Festival as an extracurricular activity exemplifying prominent approaches to English language learning
  • Sarah Olive.- 4. Chapter 4: Teaching and studying Shakespeare in higher education in early twentieth-century Japan
  • Uchimaru Kohei.- 5. Chapter 5: The west and the resistance: perceptions of teaching Shakespeare for and against westernisation in Japanese higher education
  • Sarah Olive.- 6. Chapter 6: Yamasaki Seisuke and the Shakespeare for Children series in Japan
  • Rosalind Fielding.- 7. Afterword: Technology in teaching Shakespeare in Taiwan
  • Chen Yilin.

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