Reflections on medical ethics : a search for categories of medical ethics


Reflections on medical ethics : a search for categories of medical ethics

Jean-Pierre Cléro

(Philosophy and medicine, v. 138)

Springer, c2021

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Bibliography: p. 165-171

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This book questions the notions of person, personality, dignity, and other connected notions such as (informed) consent, and discusses new perspectives on categories that allow ethical debates in medicine to overcome morals and ordinary religious schemes. The book states that one has to be careful when thinking about situations in terms of notions and principles that have been obtained in similar situations. Though this book is mostly philosophical, it is also of great practical interest to healthcare givers. It warns caregivers not to rely too much on notions such as person, autonomy, and consent, which are supposedly firm but can be proven to be unreliable in spite of appearances. Furthermore, this work warns against a narrow anthropologisation of ethics which would make technophobian positions unavoidable. On the contrary, this book is open to robotics and offers - among other things - a sustained exploration of the notion of intimacy.


Chapter 1. Of Ethics as diplomacy. An ethics without transcendence.- Chapter 2. Ethics of risk taking in psychiatry.- Chapter 3. Ethics and Potentiality.- Chapter 4. Blood -one of the most overlooked issues in the ethics of care.- Chapter 5. Imaginary, myth and concept in medical ethics.- Chapter 6. Medicine, apparatuses, robots nda intimacy.

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