Women and the economy : family, work and pay


Women and the economy : family, work and pay

Saul D. Hoffman, Susan L. Averett

Red Globe Press : Macmillan International Higher Education, 2021

4th ed

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An analysis of the enormous changes in women's economic lives around the world, from the family to the labour market. Hoffman and Averett examine topics such as the effect of rising women's wages and improved labour market opportunities on marriage, the ways in which more reliable contraception has shaped women's adult lives and careers, and the forces behind the phenomenal rise in women's labour force activity. This fourth edition includes brand new chapters on gender in economics and race and gender in the USA. It incorporates the latest research findings throughout, many of which are featured in helpful call-out boxes, and illustrated with new graphs and figures. This is invaluable reading for undergraduate and postgraduate students of economics, development and women's studies. The level of economic analysis is suitable for students with basic economics knowledge. New to this Edition: - New chapters on gender in economics and race and gender in economics - Fully updated with new data, policy examples and a new companion website with lecturer resources - Increased pedagogy, with over 30 new boxes


1. Women and the economy 2. Economics tools and thinking 3. Gender and economics 4. Marriage and the family: an economic approach 5. Marriage: applications and extensions 6. The economics of fertility 7. The economics of fertility: applications and extensions 8. Women at work 9. Women's labor force participation: applications and extensions 10. Women's earnings, occupation, and education: an overview 11. Gender differences in earnings: explanations 12. Gender differences in earnings: methods and evidence 13. Race and gender in the USA 14. Marriage and fertility in developing countries 15. Women's education, work and earnings in developing countries.

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