Inclusive finance in China



Inclusive finance in China

Yan Li, Lin Wang, editors

Palgrave Macmillan, c2021



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"Jointly published with China Renmin University Press"--T.p. verso

"This Palgrave Macmillan imprint is published by the registered company Springer Nature Singapore Pte Ltd."--T.p. verso

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This book explores for the first time the world of micro-finance, Chinese startups, and the digitalization of the Chinese economy. Through the cases such as the Ant Financial Services Group, CFPA Microfinance, micro-financial projects of China Minsheng Bank, Meixing in Nanchong, and more, this book introduces the practical exploration in the recent years from the perspectives of microfinance, financing of small and medium sized enterprises, digital inclusive finance, and credit. From the perspective of management, it especially integrates an enterprise's task, vision, and value into the design of organization process, deeply explores how to realized the double bottom lines of social and financial performances, manifests how microfinance's marginal cost is reduced by digital finance such as data, internet, cloud computing, artificial intelligence and the advantages of digital finance in providing convenient, low-cost, and touchable service, and discusses its huge technological bonus to small-amount, decentralized, and large-quantity microfinance. This book will be of value to journalists, economists and researchers.


Part I: Microfinance.- 1. Can Microfinance Achieve Both Social and Financial Goals?.- 2. Boundaries of Microfinance.- Part II: Financing of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises.- 3. Solving the Financing Difficulty of SMEs by Community Construction.- 4. Big Bank, Small Finance.- Part III: Digital Inclusive Finance.- 5. Information Reform and Efficiency Improvement of Traditional Micro Finance.- 6. Defender "PPDAI".- 7. "Digital Finance + Insurance + Leading Enterprise + E-commerce".- 8. Wenshang Pioneer Loan.- Part IV: Credit.- 9. "Credit Use" and Cost of Discredit.- 10. Bairong Zhixin.

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