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Theory of social enterprise and pluralism : social movements, solidarity economy, and the global South

edited by Philippe Eynaud ... [et al.]

(Routledge studies in social enterprise & social innovation)

Routledge, 2020, c2019

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Authors' Biographies PART 1: Opening dialogue for a new conceptual framework CHAPTER 1: Social enterprise: is it possible to decolonise this concept? / L. Lucas dos Santos, S. Banerjee CHAPTER 2: Rethinking social enterprise through philanthropic and democratic solidarity / J.L. Laville, P. Eynaud CHAPTER 3: A cross-disciplinary and international perspective / J. L. Laville, P. Eynaud PART 2: A global approach of social enterprise CHAPTER 4: Reconfiguring the social and solidarity economy in a Danish/Nordic welfare context / L. Hulgard, L. L. Andersen CHAPTER 5: The domestic domain within a post-colonial, feminist reading of social enterprise: towards a substantive, gender-based concept of solidarity enterprise / I. Hillenkamp, L. Lucas dos Santos CHAPTER 6: Reimagining the Social Enterprise through Grassroots Social Innovations in India / S. Banerjee, A. Shaban CHAPTER 7: The reconciliation between economic and social in the notion of a social enterprise: limits and possibilities in Brazil / G. C. de Franca Filho, A. S. Rigo, W. J. de Souza CHAPTER 8: Social enterprise between crime economy and democratic transformation in Southern Italy / E. Bucolo CHAPTER 9: Why is solidarity-type social enterprise invisible in Portugal? / P. Hespanha CHAPTER 10: The transformative potential of plural social enterprise: A multi-actor perspective / F. Avelino, J. M. Wittmayer PART 3: Avenues for further research CHAPTER 11: Deepening the theoretical and critical debate through North South dialogue / L. Hulgard, F. Avelino, P. Eynaud, J. L. Laville, Index

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