Modern magnetic and spintronic materials : properties and applications


    • Kaidatzis, Andreas
    • Sidorenko, Serhii
    • Vladymyrskyi, Igor
    • Niarchos, Dimitrios


Modern magnetic and spintronic materials : properties and applications

edited by Andreas Kaidatzis ... [et al.]

(NATO science for peace and security series, Ser. B . Physics and Biophysics)

Springer, Published in Cooperation with NATO Emerging Security Challenges Division, c2020

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Magnetic and spintronic materials are ubiquitous in modern technological applications, e.g. in electric motors, power generators, sensors and actuators, not to mention information storage and processing. Medical technology has also greatly benefited from magnetic materials - especially magnetic nanoparticles - for therapy and diagnostics methods. All of the above-mentioned applications rely on the properties of the materials used. These properties in turn depend on intrinsic and extrinsic material parameters. The former are related to the actual elements used and their properties, e.g. atomic magnetic moment and exchange interaction between atoms; the latter are related to the structural and microstructural properties of the materials used, e.g. their crystal structure, grain size, and grain boundary phases. Focusing on state-of-the-art magnetic and spintronic materials, this book will introduce readers to a range of related topics in Physics and Materials Science. Phenomena and processes at the nanoscale are of particular importance in this context; accordingly, much of the book addresses such topics.


CHAPTER 1 Detection of microwave and terahertz-frequency signals in spintronic nanostructures Petro Yu. Artemchuk and Oleksandr V. Prokopenko CHAPTER2 Microwave characterization of Y3Fe5O12 ferrite under a dc-magnetic field Erene Varouti, Euthimios Manios, Ilias Tsiachristos, Antonis Alexandridis, and ichael Pissas CHAPTER 3 Nanopatterned thin films with perpendicular magnetic anisotropy - structure and magnetism Michal Krupinski, Yevhen Zabila, and Marta Marszalek CHAPTER 4 L10 ordered thin films for spintronic and permanent magnet applications Arsen Hafarov, Oleksandr V. Prokopenko, Serhii Sidorenko, Denys Makarov, and Igor Vladymyrskyi CHAPTER 5 Effect of Au layers on A1 L10 phase transition and magnetic properties of FePt thin films Pavlo Makushko, Mark Shamis, Tetiana Verbytska, Serhii Sidorenko, and Iurii Makogon CHAPTER 6 New applications of spin-crossover complexes: microwave absorption, chirooptical switching and enantioselective detection Olesia I. Kucheriv, Viktor V. Oliynyk, Volodymyr V. Zagorodnii, Vilen L. Launets, Igor O. Fritsky, and Il'ya A. Gural'skiy CHAPTER 7 Grain boundary diffusion dominated mixing and solid state reactions in magnetic thin films Gabor L. Katona and Szilvia Gulyas

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