The known economy : romantics, rationalists, and the making of a world scale


The known economy : romantics, rationalists, and the making of a world scale

Colin Danby

(Culture, economy and the social)

Routledge, 2018, c2017

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Includes bibliographical references (p. [172]-194) and index



Why do critics and celebrants of globalization concur that international trade and finance represent an inexorable globe-bestriding force with a single logic? The Known Economy shows that both camps rest on the same ideas about how the world is scaled. Two centuries ago romantic and rationalist theorists concurred that the world was divided into discrete nations, moving at different rates toward a "modernity", split between love and money. Though differing over whether this history is tragedy or triumph, they united in projecting an empty "international" space in which a Moloch-like global capitalism could lurk. The Known Economy tracks the colonial development of national accounting and re-examines the ways gender and heteronormativity are built in to economic representation. It re-interprets the post-WWII spread of standardized economic statistics as the project of international organizations looking over the shoulders of national governments, rather than the expanding power of national governments over populations.


Preface and acknowledgments Introduction: Sarkozy versus GDP Part 1: The Voice of Economy Introduction to Part I 1. Love or Money 2. A Jewish Economy in Palestine 3. Body of the Nation 4. Shape of the World 5. Discovering Economies in British Africa 6. The IMF Makes the World Part 2: Romantic Responses Introduction to Part Two 7. Romantic Political Economy 8. Shock of the Modern 9. Jameson's Postmodern 10. Spirit of Finance Part 3: Opening Up 11. Time and Finance 12. Numbered Things

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