Markets and the arts of attachment



Markets and the arts of attachment

edited by Franck Cochoy, Joe Deville and Liz McFall

(Culture, economy and the social)

Routledge, 2019, c2017

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The collection explores how sentiment and relations are organised in consumer markets. Social studies of economies and markets have much more to offer than simply adding some 'context', 'culture' or 'soul' to the analysis of economic practices. As this collection showcases, studying markets socially reveals how attachments between people and products are engineered and can explain how, and why, they fail. The contributors explore the tools and techniques used to work with sentiment, aesthetics and relationships through strategies including social media marketing, consumer research, algorithmic profiling, personal selling, and call centre and relationship management. The arts of attachment, as the various contributions demonstrate, play a crucial but often misunderstood role in the technical and organisational functioning of markets.


Introduction: Markets and the Arts of Attachment, (Liz McFall, Franck Cochoy, Joe Deville) From Social Ties to Socio-Economic Attachments: A Matter of Selection and Collection, (Franck Cochoy) Manufacturing the Consumer's Truth: The Uses of Consumer Research in Advertising Inquiry, (Tomas Ariztia) Marketing and the Domestication of Social Media, (Kevin Mellet) Interfacing Attachments: The Multivalence of Brands, (Carolin Gerlitz) You are a Star Customer, Please Hold the Line...': CRM and the Socio-Technical Inscriptions of Market Attachment, (Alexandre Mallard) The Market will Have you: The Arts of Market Attachment in a Digital Economy, (Liz McFall and Joe Deville) 'My Story has no Strings Attached': Credit Cards, Market Devices and a Stone Guest, (Jose Ossandon) From Market Relations to Romantic Ties: The Tests of Internet Dating, (Emmanuel Kessous) (Acquiring Associations: On the Unexpected Social Consequences of Possessive Relations, (Hans Kjellberg) Afterword: The Devices of Attachment, (Michel Callon)

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