The Cambridge companion to the rule of law


The Cambridge companion to the rule of law

edited by Jens Meierhenrich, Martin Loughlin

(Cambridge companions)(Cambridge companions to law)

Cambridge University Press, 2021

  • : hardback

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Includes bibliographical references (p. [622]-681) and index



The Cambridge Companion to the Rule of Law introduces students, scholars, and practitioners to the theory and history of the rule of law, one of the most frequently invoked-and least understood-ideas of legal and political thought and policy practice. It offers a comprehensive re-assessment by leading scholars of one of the world's most cherished traditions. This high-profile collection provides the first global and interdisciplinary account of the histories, moralities, pathologies and trajectories of the rule of law. Unique in conception, and critical in its approach, it evaluates, breaks down, and subverts conventional wisdom about the rule of law for the twenty-first century.


  • Part I. Introduction: Thinking About the Rule of Law Jens Meierhenrich and Martin Loughlin
  • Part II. Histories: 1. Classical Athens' radical democratic 'rule of law' Adriaan Lanni
  • 2. Rechtsstaat versus the rule of law Jens Meierhenrich
  • 3. Etat de droit: the gallicization of the rechtsstaat Luc Heuschling
  • 4. Islamic conceptions of the rule of law Lawrence Rosen
  • 5. Empires and the rule of law Lauren Benton and Lisa Ford
  • Part III. Moralities: 6. The rule of law as an essentially contested concept Jeremy Waldron
  • 7. The rule of law in Montesquieu Sharon R. Krause
  • 8. The spirit of legality: A. V. Dicey and the rule of law Mark D. Walters
  • 9. Michael Oakeshott's republican theory of the rule of law Martin Loughlin
  • 10. The morality of the rule of law: Lon Fuller Kristen Rundle
  • 11. E. P. Thompson and the rule of law: qualifying the 'unqualified good' Douglas Hay
  • 12. Functions of the rule of law Brian Z. Tamanaha
  • 13. Modeling the rule of law Barry R. Weingast, Gillian K. Hadfield and Jens Meierhenrich
  • Part IV. Pathologies: 14. Thomas Hobbes and the rule-by-law tradition David Dyzenhaus
  • 15. Conservative critiques of the rule of law Peter C. Caldwell
  • 16. Judith Shklar's critique of legalism Seyla Benhabib and Paul Linden-Retek
  • 17. The Frankfurt school and the rule of law William E. Scheuerman
  • 18. Critical legal studies and the rule of law Mark Tushnet
  • 19. Feminist critiques of the rule of law Vanessa E. Munro
  • 20. Critical race theory and the rule of law Khiara M. Bridges
  • Part V. Trajectories: 21. Economic development and the rule of law Shane Chalmers and Sundhya Pahuja
  • 22. Democracy and the rule of law Martin Krygier
  • 23. Constitutionalism and the rule of law Roberto Gargarella
  • 24. Punishment in the rule of law Lindsay Farmer
  • 25. Populism and the rule of law Nicola Lacey
  • 26. An 'international rule-of-law movement'? Stephen Humphreys
  • 27. Measuring the rule of law Tom Ginsburg and Mila Versteeg
  • 28. Post-conflict rule of law Jane E. Stromseth
  • 29. A global rule of law Anne Orford
  • Part VI. Conclusion: 30. What the rule of law is... and is not Jens Meierhenrich.

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