Critical issues in human rights and development



Critical issues in human rights and development

edited by Stephen P. Marks, Balakrishnan Rajagopal

Edward Elgar, c2021

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This collection addresses human rights and development for researchers, policymakers and activists at a time of major challenges. 'Critical issues' in the title signifies both the urgency of the issues and the need for critical rethinking. After exploring the overarching issues of development and economic theory, gender, climate change and disability, the book focuses on issues of technology and trade, education and information, water and sanitation, and work, health, housing and food. The chapters then examine how to operationalize human rights in development through accountability, the right to development, indicators and the Sustainable Development Goals. The conclusion proposes international standards and social mobilization for human rights and sustainable development as normative and policy-oriented tools for addressing the climate emergency, the coronavirus pandemic, social inequality, racial injustice, and the rise of populist authoritarianism and for advancing social justice and the equal value of all human beings. This book is of interest to students of development and human rights studies, international relations, international law and contemporary social issues, as well as professionals working at government, intergovernmental and civil society organizations dealing with these issues.


Contents: General introduction and overview to Critical Issues in Human Rights and Development 1 PART I THE INTERSECTING PARADIGMS OF HUMAN RIGHTS AND DEVELOPMENT 1 Development theories, old and new and their implications for human rights 10 Balakrishnan Rajagopal 2 Economics and human rights perspectives on development: tensions and compatibilities 21 Stephen P. Marks and Ajay Mahal 3 Gender in development 46 Celestine Nyamu Musembi 4 Climate change, development and human rights 66 Stephen Humphreys 5 A human rights perspective on disability-inclusive development 86 Michael Ashley Stein and Janet E. Lord PART II CRITICAL SOCIAL ISSUES OF DEVELOPMENT FROM A HUMAN RIGHTS PERSPECTIVE 6 Transfer of technology and access to scientific knowledge and applications 108 Calestous Juma 7 Education rights as part of rights-based development 130 David Archer 8 Water and sanitation 152 Sharmila L. Murthy 9 Health priorities for sustainable development 186 Lisa E. Sachs and Jeffrey D. Sachs 10 The human right to adequate housing and land: guaranteeing the dignity to dwell 213 Miloon Kothari 11 Food and nutrition 239 Deborah Hines 12 Right to information 261 Aruna Roy and Suchi Pande 13 Work and conditions of work 282 Gerald B. Rodgers PART III OPERATIONALIZING HUMAN RIGHTS IN DEVELOPMENT 14 Trade, development and human rights 301 Gillian Moon 15 Accountability and human rights 331 Varun Gauri 16 The past and future of the right to development 347 Stephen P. Marks and Rajeev Malhotra 17 Human rights indicators in development: definitions, relevance and current trends 368 Siobhan McInerney-Lankford and Hans-Otto Sano 18 Human rights and the 2030 development agenda 395 Paul Nelson Index

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