The Cambridge companion to Cicero's philosophy


The Cambridge companion to Cicero's philosophy

edited by Jed W. Atkins, Thomas Bénatouïl

(Cambridge companions to philosophy)

Cambridge University Press, 2022

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Companion to Cicero's philosophy

Cicero's philosophy

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Includes bibliographical references (p. 301-326) and indexes



Cicero is one of the most important and influential thinkers within the history of Western philosophy. For the last thirty years, his reputation as a philosopher has once again been on the rise after close to a century of very low esteem. This Companion introduces readers to 'Cicero the philosopher' and to his philosophical writings. It provides a handy port-of-call for those interested in Cicero's original contributions to a wide variety of topics such as epistemology, the emotions, determinism and responsibility, cosmopolitanism, republicanism, philosophical translation, dialogue, aging, friendship, and more. The international, interdisciplinary team of scholars represented in this volume highlights the historical significance and contemporary relevance of Cicero's writings, and suggests pathways for future scholarship on Cicero's philosophy as we move through the twenty-first century.


  • Introduction Thomas Benatouil
  • 1. Cicero's philosophical writing in its intellectual context Claudia Moatti
  • 2. The Ciceronian dialogue Charles Brittain and Peter Osorio
  • 3. Philosophy in Cicero's letters Sophie Aubert-Baillot
  • 4. Philosophy in Cicero's speeches Catherine Steel
  • 5. Cicero and the creation of a Latin philosophical vocabulary Carlos Levy
  • 6. Cicero and Plato Malcolm Schofield
  • 7. Cicero's academic skepticism Tobias Reinhardt
  • 8. Cosmology, theology, and religion Clara Auvray-Assayas
  • 9. Determinism, fate, and responsibility Elisabeth Begemann
  • 10. Cicero on the emotions and the soul Sean McConnell
  • 11. Ethical theory and the good life Raphael Woolf
  • 12. Nature and social ethics Gretchen Reydams-Schils
  • 13. Philosophy, rhetoric, and politics Gary Remer
  • 14. Cicero's republicanism Walter Nicgorski
  • 15. Empire, just wars, and cosmopolitanism Jed W. Atkins
  • 16. Cicero and Augustine Anne-Isabelle Bouton-Touboulic
  • 17. Cicero and eighteenth-century political thought Daniel J. Kapust
  • 18. Cicero and twenty-first century political philosophy Martha C. Nussbaum.

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