Weaving it together : connecting reading and writing


Weaving it together : connecting reading and writing

Milada Broukal

Heinle, Cengage Learning, c2015

4th ed

  • 1 : student book

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Weaving It Together helps learners build reading and writing skills through relevant readings and carefully structured writing exercises. By balancing these two necessary competencies, learners seamlessly develop both language and academic skills.


Unit 1: Special Days READING 1 A Festival of Colors WRITING 1 SKILLS The Sentence | Capitalization Rules PRACTICE Writing about holidays READING 2 Birthdays around the World WRITING 2 SKILLS The Paragraph PRACTICE Writing about your birthday Unit 2: Places READING 1 Venice: A Changing City WRITING 1 SKILLS Adjectives PRACTICE Writing about a city READING 2 Life Is Good in Iceland WRITING 2 SKILLS The Comparitive Form of Adjectives | The Superlative Form of Adjectives PRACTICE Writing about one's country Unit 3: Ways to Health READING 1 Go to Sleep! WRITING 1 SKILLS Using when PRACTICE Writing about sleep habits READING 2 Laughing Out Loud WRITING 2 SKILLS Adverbs PRACTICE Writing about laughing Unit 4: Customs READING 1 What to Name the Baby WRITING 1 SKILLS Count Nouns and Noncount Nouns PRACTICE Writing about a special day READING 2 Eat, Drink, and Know the Customs WRITING 2 SKILLS Common Prepositions |Prepositional Phrases PRACTICE Writing about a meal Unit 5: Food READING 1 Hold Your Nose and Eat! WRITING 1 SKILLS Writing Instructions PRACTICE Writing about a favorite food READING 2 The World's Most Popular Drink WRITING 2 SKILLS The Pronouns it and them PRACTICE Writing about a favorite drink Unit 6: Inventors and Their Inventions READING 1 Dinner Fresh from the Freezer WRITING 1 SKILLS Comparing Things with as . . . as PRACTICE Writing about microwave ovens READING 2 A Sharp Idea from King Gillette WRITING 2 SKILLS Using too and very with Adjectives PRACTICE Writing about toothbrushes Unit 7: Amazing People READING 1 Hayat Sindi: One Person Helps the World WRITING 1 SKILLS Asking Questions | Prepositions of Time PRACTICE Writing about the life of a classmate READING 2 A Life with Chimpanzees WRITING 2 SKILLS Writing about Someone's Life |Different Ways of Expressing Time PRACTICE Writing about the events in one's life Unit 8: Readings from Literature READING 1 The Rain WRITING 1 SKILLS Review of Parts of Speech PRACTICE Writing a poem READING 2 The Shepherd's Boy WRITING 2 SKILLS Paraphrasing PRACTICE Writing a fable

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