Weaving it together : connecting reading and writing

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    Weaving it together : connecting reading and writing

    Milada Broukal

    Heinle, Cengage Learning, c2016

    4th ed

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    Description and Table of Contents


    Weaving It Together helps learners build reading and writing skills through relevant readings and carefully structured writing exercises. By balancing these two necessary competencies, learners seamlessly develop both language and academic skills.

    Table of Contents

    Unit 1: Your Personality READING 1 Right Brain, Left Brain WRITING 1 SKILLS The Paragraph | Capitalization Rules | The Title PRACTICE Writing about yourself READING 2 Let s Face It WRITING 2 SKILLS Joining Compound Sentences with and, but, or or PRACTICE Writing about another person Unit 2: Food READING 1 Live a Little: Eat Potatoes! WRITING 1 SKILLS The Topic Sentence PRACTICE Writing about food or drink READING 2 Bugs, Rats, and Other Tasty Dishes WRITING 2 SKILLS Supporting Sentences |Concluding Sentences PRACTICE Writing about a special food Unit 3: Celebrations and Special Days READING 1 Tihar: Festival of Lights WRITING 1 SKILLS Describing a Process |Punctuation: Comma (,) with Items in a Series PRACTICE Writing about a special event READING 2 Celebrating a Fifteenth Birthday WRITING 2 SKILLS Main and Dependent Clauses |Writing a Dependent Clause with before or after PRACTICE Writing about a celebration Unit 4: Amazing People READING 1 Barrington Irving s Dream to Fly WRITING 1 SKILLS Unity | Irrelevant Sentences PRACTICE Writing about the qualities of a person or a pet READING 2 The Fearless Fiennes WRITING 2 SKILLS Introducing Examples PRACTICE Writing about a person Unit 5: Nature Attacks! READING 1 Lightning WRITING 1 SKILLS Writing a Narrative Paragraph with Time Words | The Comma (,) with Time and Place Expressions PRACTICE Writing about a frightening experience READING 2 Chasing Storms WRITING 2 SKILLS Introducing Reasons with because PRACTICE Writing about dangerous weather Unit 6: Inventions READING 1 The GoPro Camera WRITING 1 SKILLS Introducing Effects with so and therefore PRACTICE Writing about an invention READING 2 Changing Living Things? WRITING 2 SKILLS Giving an Opinion | Transitions Showing Addition PRACTICE Writing about biotechnology Unit 7: Customs and Traditions READING 1 Flowers, Dishes, and Dresses WRITING 1 SKILLS Comparing and Contrasting |Showing Contrast with however | Showing Similarity with similarly and likewise PRACTICE Writing about wedding Customs READING 2 What s in a Name? WRITING 2 SKILLS Writing Business Letters PRACTICE Writing a business letter Unit 8: Readings from Literature READING 1 Months WRITING 1 SKILLS Using Adjectives in Poems PRACTICE Writing a poem READING 2 Fate WRITING 2 SKILLS Using Adjectives and Adverbs in Stories PRACTICE Writing a folktale

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