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Finance or food? : the role of cultures, values, and ethics in land use negotiations

edited by Hilde Bjørkhaug, Philip McMichael, and Bruce Muirhead

University of Toronto Press, c2020

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Exploring the ways in which culture, systems of value, and ethics impact agriculture, this volume addresses contemporary land questions and conditions for agricultural land management. Throughout, the editors and contributors consider a range of issues, including pressure on farmland, international and global trade relations, moral and ethical questions, and implications for governance. The focus of Finance or Food? is land use in Australia, Canada, and Norway, chosen for their commonalities as well as their differences. With reference to these specific national contexts, the contributors explore political, ecological, and ethical debates concerning food production, alternative energy, and sustainability. The volume argues that recognition of food, finance, energy, and climate crises is driving investments and reframing the strategies of development agencies. At the same time, food producers, small farmers, and pastoralists facing eviction from their land are making their presence felt in this debate, not just locally, but in national policy arenas and international fora as well. This volume investigates the many ways in which this process is occurring and draws out the cultural implications of new developments in global land use. An important intervention into a timely debate, Finance or Food? will be essential reading for both academics and policymakers.

Table of Contents

1. Introduction to Cultures, Values, Ethics and Arguments on Agricultural Land Hilde Bjorkhaug, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Philip McMichael, Cornell University, and Bruce Muirhead, University of Waterloo 2. The 21st century land question, and its politics Philip McMichael, Cornell University 3. Last In, First Out?: The Uncertain Future of Agricultural Trade Liberalisation Hugh Campbell, University of Otago, and David Reynolds, University of Otago 4. Food Security and the Multifunctionality of Agriculture: Paradoxes in European Land Questions Katrina Ronningen, Ruralis, Norway 5. 'Indirect' Land Grabbing, Private Certification and Global GAP Jacob Muirhead, McMaster University 6. Dirty Hands, Clean Conscience? Large-Scale Land Acquisitions and the Ethical Investment Strategy of the Government Pension Fund - Global Siri Granum Carson, Norwegian University of Science and Technology 7. Responsibility to the Rescue? Governing Private Financial Investment in Global Agriculture Jennifer Clapp, University of Waterloo 8. State-led and Finance-backed Farming Endeavours: Changing Contours of Investment in Australian Agriculture Geoffrey Lawrence, University of Queensland, Sarah Ruth Sippel, University of Leipzig, and Nicolette Larder, University of New England 9. 'Plus Ca Change ...': Saskatchewan Farmland Restructuring and Its Effects on Farm Families Jostein Tapper Brobakk, Ruralis, Norway and Bruce Muirhead, University of Waterloo 10. 'Jordvern' as a Situation of Action - The Material and Non-material Forces Shaping the Protection of Farmland in Norway Hilde Bjorkhaug, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Katrina Ronningen, Ruralis, Norway, and Heidi Vinge, Ruralis, Norway 11. From Agri-culture to Agri-nature: New Alliances for Farmland Preservation in Norway Heidi Vinge, Ruralis, Norway and Siri Oyslebo Sorensen, Ruralis, Norway 12. Intergenerational Justice and Obligations towards Future Generations: Towards Environmental Rights in Land Use Policy Allen Alvarez, Norwegian University of Science and Technology and May Thorseth, Norwegian University of Science and Technology 13. Land and the Value Calculus: Towards a Reculturalization of Farmland Philip McMichael, Cornell University, Hilde Bjorkhaug, Norwegian University of Science and Technology and Bruce Muirhead, University of Waterloo

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