Climate change and starvation : from apocalypse to integrity


Climate change and starvation : from apocalypse to integrity

Laura Westra

(Palgrave insights into apocalypse economics)

Palgrave Macmillan, c2020

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Includes bibliographical references and index



There is a lot written on climate change from various points of view, but this is the first work that demonstrates the connection between the hunger of the poor, the deprivation of safe and healthy food on the part of those who can afford it in the wealthy countries, but still face starvation in the sense of lack of nourishment, and climate change itself. It looks at the case law and the jurisdiction of the ICC, and adopts a thorough critical approach. This book is an excellent contribution to the development of the debate on climate change.


Chapter 1. Climate Change and Personal Food Choices.Chapter 2 Part 1. The Role of Lands and Forests.Part 2. The Role of Water and Air.Chapter 3. Aggravating Circumstances: Corporate Power against Democracy (Land Grabs for Fodder and Fuel as the Amazon Burns).Chapter 4. Migrants and Refugees From South America to North Africa: Starvation and Climactic Conditions Not Acknowledged.Chapter 5. The Principle of Integrity: A Better Approach to Both Starvation and Climate Change.

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