Systemic racism in America : sociological theory, education inequality, and social change


Systemic racism in America : sociological theory, education inequality, and social change

edited by Rashawn Ray and Hoda Mahmoudi

Routledge, 2022

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Includes bibliographical references and index



- Leading scholars in their respective disciplines and younger, up-and-coming academics come together in this volume to contribute essays on a vastly important topic with major relevance. - A mix of qualitative and quantitative methods are used to clearly make the case and provide evidence to support the structural basis of racism, making this a useful volume for students and researchers alike. - Authors go beyond the identification of structural forms of racism and its myriad consequences and make suggestions for multifaceted solutions. - Frames our current moment in an important historical, theoretical, ideological, and policy-informed framework, offering a wide range of breadth, but also critical depth and clarity to contemporary issues.


Acknowledgements Introduction Part I: Systemic Racism and Sociological Theory 1. The Past in the Present: Slavery's Long Shadow Hoda Mahmoudi 2. The Problem of Racism in "Post-Racial" America Eduardo Bonilla-Silva and Liann Yamashita 3. W.E.B. Du Bois at the Center: From Science, Civil Rights Movement, to Black Lives Matter Aldon Morris 4. Make America White Again: The Racial Reasoning of American Nationalism Matthew W. Hughey and Michael L. Rosino Part II: Systemic Racism and Education Inequality 5. Systemic Racism in Education Requires Multidimensional Solutions Prudence L. Carter 6. Why did Convergence of the Achievement Gap Stop?: Macroeconomic Change, Policy, and Racial Avoidance Odis Johnson, Jr. 7. Seeing Our Most Vulnerable Homeless Students: The Impact of Systemic Racism on the Education of Black Homeless Youth in the United States Earl J. Edwards and Pedro Noguera Part III: Systemic Racism and Social Change 8. Pursuing Racial Justice on Predominantly White Campuses: Divergent Institutional Responses to Racially Palatable and Racially Conscious Students Chandra V. Reyna 9. Black Lives Matter in Polarized News Media: Politics, Policing, Prejudice, and Protest Simone N. Durham 10. Forging Alliances, Seeking Justice: How Relatively Privileged Young People Imagine and Build Solidarity across Differences Beth Douthirt Cohen 11. Forming a Racially Inclusive Sociological Imagination: Becoming a Racial Equity Learner, Racial Equity Advocate, and Racial Equity Broker Rashawn Ray Epilogue

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