Women and the female in Neoplatonism



Women and the female in Neoplatonism

edited by Jana Schultz, James Wilberding

(Studies in Platonism, Neoplatonism, and the Platonic tradition / edited by Robert M. Berchman, John Finamore, v. 30)

Brill, c2022

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Sosipatra, Hypatia, Macrina: some of the most famous female philosophers of antiquity were connected to Neoplatonism. But what does it mean to be a woman philosopher in late antiquity? How is the inclusive nature of the Neoplatonic schools connected to their ethical, political, and metaphysical ideas? What role does the religious dimension of late Neoplatonism and the role of women as priestesses play in understanding Neoplatonic women philosophers? This book offers thirteen essays that examine women and the female in Neoplatonism from a variety of perspectives, paying particular attention to the interactions between the metaphysics, psychology, and ethics.


Acknowledgments Abbreviations Notes on Contributors Introduction Jana Schultz and James Wilberding Part 1 The Historical Presence of Women in Neoplatonic Schools 1 Diotima, Sosipatra and Hypatia: Methodological Reflections on the Study of Female Philosophers in the Platonic Tradition Crystal Addey Part 2 The Status of Women in Neoplatonic Socio-political Theory 2 Women in Plotinus James Wilberding 3 Marcella and Porphyry Luc Brisson 4 On the Equality of Women and Men in Late Antique Platonism: Proclus, Julian and Philip the Philosopher Dominic O'Meara 5 Theodorus of Asine on the Equality of the Sexes: Traces of a Rhetorical Trope in the Fourth Century CE John Dillon 6 The Myth of Er and Female Guardians in Proclus' Republic Commentary Dirk Baltzly 7 Damascius on the Virtue of Women and Their Relation to Men Jana Schultz Part 3 Female Principles in Neoplatonic Metaphysics and Science 8 Femininity in Porphyry's On Abstinence Miira Tuominen 9 A Match Made in Heaven: The Metaphysics of Aphrodite in Neoplatonic Thinkers Marije Martijn 10 Neoplatonic Motives in Emperor Julian's Hymn to the Mother of the Gods Christoph Helmig 11 Otherwise Than the Father: Night and the Maternal Causes in Proclus' Theological Metaphysics Danielle Layne Part 4 A Concluding Look at Two Christian Neoplatonists 12 Macrina's Method: Reason and Reasoning in Gregory of Nyssa's On Soul and Resurrection Peter Adamson 13 What Did Michael Psellos Say about Women in the 11th Century AD? Denis Walter Index Locorum Index of Names and Subjects

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