Environmental economics : theory and policy in equilibrium


Environmental economics : theory and policy in equilibrium

Hans Wiesmeth

(Springer texts in business and economics)

Springer, c2022

2nd ed

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Includes bibliographical references and index



Revised and updated for the 2nd edition, this textbook provides an analysis and investigation of the most essential areas of environmental economic theory and policy, including international environmental problems. The approach is based on standard theoretical tools, in particular equilibrium analysis, and aims to demonstrate how economic principles can help to understand environmental issues and guide policymakers. Current topics including climate change, overfishing and integrated approaches to environmental policies are carefully analyzed in this framework, and a multitude of practical examples from various parts of the world is presented. Addressing undergraduate and graduate students, this book is a must read for everybody interested in a better understanding of environmental economics.


Introduction.- PART I THE ENVIRONMENTAL MOVEMENT.- Differing Views on the Environment.- The International Dimension of the Environment.- PART II THEORETICAL ENVIRONMENTAL ECONOMICS.- Basics of Environmental Economics.- Allocation Problems in a Market Economy.- The Internalization of External Effects.- Public Goods in Environmental Economics.- PART III ENVIRONMENTAL POLICY.- From Theory to Policy: Information Deficits.- Command-and-Control Policy.- The Price-Standard Approach to Environmental Policy.- International Environmental Commodities and the Principal-Agent-Approach.- Holistic Environmental Policies.- PART IV THE ENVIRONMENT IN THE GLOBALIZED WORLD.- Trade and the Environment: The Legal Context.- Overfishing.- Integration of Trade and the Environment.

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